Truth in Disguise

As I look upon my poetry collection here on blog, I have noticed that many of which I write are of those I have begun to term Social and Society Poetry. In other words Poetry that are aimed at a portion or aspect of Social life which I have written into poetry in some forms. Or Poetry that are aimed at pointing out issues and areas inlife that I as a poet sees as requiring a look at and where folks need to look at within their lives or society.

Today’s poem is one such piece of creation, Todays Poem is one that looks at society and how in this modern age, people take at face value what media, (both print and otherwise) states and pushes as truth. BUT the question should remain, what is Truth and who sets that line of which you decide? Basically speaking do you believe all media because they state a news topic is truth? Or do you question, Is this truth or something Misguiding the line or truth?

I believe that poets can bring such intolight where readers can see and decide for themselves. In days long gone poets were a compass where society set their stalls at. I do not nor ever will stand to say what I believe is how you the reader should believe. BUT I do stand to encourage you the reader to find that line for yourselves and decide where you stand and believe, within a certain moral compass. Anyway, please enjoy this poem.

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Truth in Disguise

Trusting in all spoken words and deeds,
Of a beast that invents thus sows seeds.
To guide who will believe yet perceive,
Words imprints or defines as the beast will weave.

Chosen to lead, speak with twisted words,
Who follows a shepherd as thirds,
When entangled within words that misguide, 
Who ne’er waits to dry each tear you cried?

Oh! Ill advised generation unaware, 
Who will care? Yet who is willing to pay the fare?
Beyond chambers of safety, where sits truth?
As the walls crumble who stands and sooth?

Does the beast print Truth or Lies in disguise?
Has the beast spoken as you believe the prize?
Clear the cobwebs pave the way thus decide,
Carry the torch and light the path, glide.

Future is bright for those who follow their walk,
Who believes truth for you to stand and talk?
Eyes that see spot who conceals, your prize?
Ears the hear yet not deaf to truth or lies.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022 

Thank you for taking time to read this post and have made it this far. Todays post may not contain as you would have wish or liked, But it contains poetry that I as a poet created for folks to read. BUT one need not read such poetry for the topic alone, BUT for reading for enjoyment sake alone also.

If you or anyone needs or feels that you make a comment. I welcome such with an open heart, only asking that folks post comments in a polite manner. This is to keep this blog as positive an area as posible and avoid anyinsult some may find within this blog.

In finishing, Please stay safe and well and where possible try to show a little loving care to those who may be in need of such loving care. Until next time cheers.

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8 thoughts on “Truth in Disguise

  1. Long ago, talking to a relative, I realized something. In lies, there are at least two involved: the one who lies and the one who chooses to believe in lies. With truth, it’s the same. I honestly believe that honest people cannot be lied to. Oh, if they do believe in something, it’s due to disinformation and thoughtfulness, which later they’ll realize the disinformation.

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    1. Beautiful thoughts… There will always be those who believe the lies. Either by ways of believing in any scandal it may have or a power of sorts it gives them. Honesty often is the harder road to take and believe in.


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