Without Form

Over the pat number of days I strived to compose poems with certain topics in mind. Yet not one was completed, or even come close to being finished and published. Therefore tonight I sat and composed a poem that was almost without form, or at least in some ways it could be seen as without form. Words have been placed into this poem without any intended backstory or meaning , and yet form a poem that again takes me through a blank time.

As you can understand There is no back story that will make this poem more underatandable, instead some may find it confusing or wondering how and why etc… But consider one’s mind that has very many thoughts and words flowing through one’s mind like a stream or river. This is where this poem will find its home, a day when words and thoughts that remain silent and unheard are finally left free to find a home. But who still will understand and yet claim, I understand.

In total I would say this is a poem of release of which such words are freed and also clears one’s mind from such useless thoughts etc. I do hope that some will understand this poem. Or in the very least find some enjoyment in this.

Photo by Rafael Guajardo on Pexels.com

Without Form

Who wakes to come and hear the tale,
Beyond dreams yet which sets to sail.
Who declares to glide the winds,
Or dance in the rain or all kinds.

Even more the words cried is not denied,
Who would sing your song and lied?
Come forth Undying love through all time, 
Living beyond a prayer and worth a dime.

Who dares walk through fields with dreams,
Yet Stood in silence like thoughts and streams.
Words that flow past and go misunderstood,
Stand in line joining the queue or should.

Who yet watched the play yet never joined,
Conversations or any phrase coined?
Who has basked in sunshine without a strain,
Whilst stayed until the first fall of rain.

Carry tales outside the pale untested for truth,
Wishing for days long past replay in youth. 
Playing with mindless thoughts without form,
Yet days when words and thoughts swarm.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I do hope that some may have found some entertainment in this. OR maybe some may find something that rings a bell in this whole exercise.

If you have a comment that you wish to make, I welcome with an open heart and only ask that all comments are made in a polite manner. This is to keep as positive an environment as possible and also striving to avoid any insults that some may find within.

In finsihing Please take care and keep safe. Until next time. Cheers

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