Life’s Own Waltz

Over time I have spent many hours contemplating how generations have appeared to change the road that hero’s laid with the price they paid. Regardless of where one is from, we all have figures that we see as hero’s, those who laid a path that formed a nation, or forge the buds of a nation that now appears so different to that in which such Hero’s have paid the ultimate cost for.

In Ireland there are figures that I would see as Hero’s , ones who gave their all for a cause that they believed in. Such helped forge a nation thatI am proud to say I am from. But I compare those today to Hero’s thatthey could never match. I ask myself how far from the track have they strayed? Such is the basis of todays poem. I do hope that this does match in some way to Hero’s of your own lives. I believe that we must continue to question how far have we strayed Have we as people brought failure to their cause.

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Life’s Own waltz

Today the birds sang a different song
As the winters wind blew strong.
I sat wrapped from the winters wind,
And wondered if the cost was worth the grind.

They gave their lives a price gladly laid,
A price they welcomed and considered paid.
Are your Hero’s proud of where you stand?
Do you honour the cost if it stood at hand?

A generation stands proudly to complain,
So little that caused them offence a drain.
Would the price remain the same forever sore.
If you stood at their door with choices as they wore.

If you carried their shoes consider the cost,
Ever so mild your offence never to be lost.
You ride a chariot eternal offence beneath, 
Robes of glory adorn as stride victories wreath.

How far did the pebble yet fall since,
They took their final bow to convince.
Pride has called the followed trail false,
Come ride the chariot life's own waltz.   

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2021

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