Time’s Lifting Shroud

With the onset of winter that is closing in on our days, It has brought to mind some threads of past events that posed as it were for a few moments in order to set to writings. At least such wasmy thought when I set about writing todays poem. Past events, past paths in life that left an imprint in life left enough for me to write this piece.

As usual I ask that any comments are polite in the understanding that different cultures can bring different understanding of that which we write. Plus I believe polite comments leave a better and more inviting to any visiting even for a first time.

Photo by David Geib on Pexels.com

Time’s Lifting Shroud

Silently days appear to move faster,
As if the command of an unknown master,
Decreed that changes need to take place,
Outside the realms of time and space.

The first thought of the cold winters wind,
Brought me standing at your door twinned,
With the emptiness of our lost love combined,
Winters onset and love lost now in my mind.

Did the gods of love abandon our paths,
Or left us lost in a world like childhood maths.
Were our paths destined to last in dreams,
Forever lost and embroidered in different schemes.

Brought back to reality by fresh rainfall,
Coat tied I rushed on to avoid the squall.
Lost loves train pass through my mind,
Leaving me lost for moments almost blind.

Immature life with love combine to roads,
Lost in life's own lonely separate codes.
Left to revisit on occasions when allowed, 
By the passing of time’s lifting shroud.

© Pat Fitzgerald  2021

Thank you for taking time to read this poem. I hope that it has been a worth while visit and read. If you have any comments and insights I welcome them, But again I ask that you are polite in comments, because words can so often be just as hurtful as if they were said in person.

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8 thoughts on “Time’s Lifting Shroud

  1. Too bad my poor command of the English language does not allow me to properly value your poem, which I find very nostalgic, a little sad but hopeful.
    The photograph you chose of Pexels is very beautiful and I think very appropriate to the feeling of the poem. Thanks!

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Your english is very good and I welcome any critical comments etc that people wish to make. I do try when possible to use pictures/ photos to match the poem in question. – Although somepoems are nostalgic they serve as a lesson in life and also worth a mention in lifes walk. regrets in life are often also worth a mention when they can serve as a lesson as it were.-*


    1. Thank you for your comment. The imagery of Childhood Maths in tthis poem was intended to both bring a touch of humour into this Plus as a country guy I was more interested in Things of nature rather than sitting in a class room studying maths. Especially the very first introduction to algebra etc.. I was convinced at that very first introduction that I would never ever need that to do what I needed and wanted to do. Thus using childhood maths is keeping that thought in mind.. also I should say thatI was that kind of kid who was more interested in the little birds that wandered about outside the classroom window than what teachers wre trying to teach. so keeping all that in mind I hope it helps to explain and maybe even understand how I tried to show that sometimes a young love could be humourous to look backon and often immature in thought. Yet a very worthwhile experience and memory.

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