Define Yourself

I hope that this post finds you well. I am posting todays poem with no explaination nor reasoning. BUT I only ask that any comments are polite and keeping in minnd that people of various cultures visit and read these posts, therefore words can so often become an insult without thought.

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Define Yourself

In days that people fear to speak,
Of that which is different or appear weak.
A generation that questions and refuse
That another walks with different views.

Spring the trap that defines their walk
Write your judgment in the rain with chalk.
Pride yourself in what you do Whilst you stand
Wearing the shroud playing the hypocrisy band. 

Rewrite history that favours your comfort,
Deny yet seek to destroy those who export.
Advance the tide of your poisonous disdain,
This the price that flows through our vein.

Clear the slate begin anew the cry of some,
Repeat the beat of your superior drum.
Refuse to learn the mistakes past days made,
Ignorance dressed to dine with all that's laid.

When you stand accept a view you cannot to see,
Man's thoughts for him can only come free.
Dare to walk with different strokes, appear woke,
Come to accept and carry each others yoke.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

I hope that you enjoyed this post, although it provides little in terms of what the poem is about. I did write this with certain topics in mind, BUT as always different readers find different threads in which to grasp some insight . If you wish to comment please feel free, but do so in a polite manner.

I do not have very much to write on at this time but I do hope that you find something of use and inshightful in this poem. Until next time Please stay safe and look out for those in need of a little love. Please forgive any typos that you may find, I will correct as I find any.

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