The Veil

When I write passages explaining what my poetry contains and is an attempt to get the reader to try see that within my poetry. Also it was an attempt to relieve the reader of striving to find out what the poem is actually about.

On this occasion just as the last time, I am changing from that route as it were. In turn I am placing todays poem without explaination of what it is about or relation to. I am placing trust in the reader to find whatever they wish to find within the poem.

I may at some stage in time to come explain what it was about. Such is the road in which my poetry and poetic endeavours are heading. Having said all this I do hope that you enjoy todays Poem. Which is a couple of days later than I had hoped to place for reading for all to see. Please enjoy.

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The Veil

Glass shards imprinted where you walk,
Untouched by the sands of time I squawk.
Gentle mornings greet the unaccepted views
The world again begins to suddenly snooze.

The accepted view becomes tainted,
Where the ravaged thoughts fainted,
Beyond the Curtain that raises within.
So few can take it ever more on the chin.

Grant me audience with the hidden few,
Who fail to stand united behind the pew.
When the right have become the wrong,
Thus claim to sing natures new song.

Order restored when the silent press ignore,
And become a dictators new unwelcome whore.
You Ignore the tears which like rivers flow,
To spew rehearsed lines covered in tainted snow.

Few yet stay within the lines aware,
Become the outcast that never will care.
Find the light that shines truths own way,
Tell the tales when the veil will no longer stay.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

Now that you have read todays poem for yourselves, I hope that it proved worthwhile visiting for this read. I also hope that you found the meaning and in fact what the poem is about. I am restraining myself from mentioning too much in any explaination or hint to what I intended and saw within this Poem.

I welcome any comments as usual, I only ask as I always do, please be polite in any comments. Language can be misunderstood depending on what culture the reader is from. Thus a polite comment has a far lesser chance of bringing insult to anyone. AND there is any conflict one may find themselves in.

Until next time Please take care and look out for those in need of a little love. So many out there in this insane world need a little love.

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