There comes a time when my writings will not carry explainations, nor any clues as to what it all means. There comes a time when the reader mustfind a meaning for themselves. Much like other poetry when readers find a variety of meaning, depending on which strikes close to home for the reader in question.

This is one such poem, that I will not write an explaination nor give reasons for such writings. I have found in other poems that readers have found within the poems meanings, insights or other such pieces that give them moments for thoughts. Such is why I place this poem on its own totest if one unexplained will find fruit for thought in the readers.

I ask you as always to please be polite in comments as these poems are meant for insight, encouragement or whatever the reader finds within. I will sadly remove comments that I find togo against such thoughts and wishes. I do hope that folks will understand.

Mucross Lake Killarney National Park Killarney County Kerry Ireland.


Autumn days are ablaze with colour refined,
Not limited within the chains of the mind.
Strolling among the withered leaves unseen,
By eyes that never cared or appeared keen.

Locked inside the thoughts that imprisoned 
To mindless wandering there conditioned.
To sleep, repeat filling the endless cycle alone,
Unaware that others walked that road to atone.

Await the night when the shadows crawl,
Wait for sleep until silence appears to fall.
The sleep that night brings stills the battle,
That fills the mind conditioned to tattle.

Break the cycle that imprisons, walk free,
feel the breeze let your spirit finally flee.
The bondage that keeps it locked within,
Ease the pains we seal in walls forever thin.

Mindless musings frees captives of my mind,
Thus wander outside limits that capture in kind.
Wandering paths to ease the pains that cripple
The inner self hindering no moves its triple.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2021

I do hope that you enjoyed this post and I hope that at least some will have found something within that proves in the least entertainment, encouragement or any other positive thoughts.

If you wish to comment, Please feel free to do so BUT AGAIN I ask that you be poilte as words often meant for best intentions become misunderstood in other societies. Untile next time please take care and look out for those in need of a little love.

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