In Silence

I have considered for some time how to begin or even set a poem and topic regarding what could be struggles with being deaf or Hearing Impaired. In this fast paced modern world of economic rule, Those with loss of hearing and impairment struggle. Even those with other disabilities struggle to walk this society with ease. The battle to fit in , the struggle to wander by with ease is itself impaired, either by ignorance OR lack of care.

Such is the basis of todays poem, In this poem I try to set the track what it may be like. As one who is hearing impaired, hearing aids can only work so far and cannot set all records right. Hearing aids will not raise a whisper to a point we will hear. At least this is how it seems with me. Although I do not read lips, it helps to see the face of who speaks to kow they address me. BUT Behind a mask How can we tell? Is this ignorance or Society failing to be aware?

This poem is meant to highlight the issue and does not hold the answer. Creating awareness is a part of the way forward it would seem to me. I pray that you will at least enjoy the poem for what it is.

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In Silence

A golden carpet covered the ground,
Where you passed by without a sound.
Never to hear you greet good morning,
You whisper on your way without warning.

With Hearing aids on charge I sit in silence, 
Watching the children play with balance.
Share the sounds when deaf cant hear,
Ring the changes now thus change the gear.

Mask covered faces People sit close by,
Questions marked with silence begins a cry.
Why no answer is their Insult and dismay,
No neon sign marks the way to you today.

None have asked to remain like this,
Ignorance can be such silent bliss.
The deaf cant hear nor neon sign lights,
To say that “Silent Nights remain silent nights”  .

Remove the mask a moments respite appears,
Shed the skin when ignorance but cheers.
Remember the day that neon lights Cant say,
That Deaf people cant read lips hidden today.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I do not intend to create any negative vibes BUT create poetry that highlights what I see. If you have a comment I welcome your imput. BUT please be aware that different cultures have a variety of understandings especially in language misunderstanding can appear. Also I ask as always to be polite when possible.

Until next time please take care and share a little love with those in need of a friendly smile. If you find any typos Please understand that I correct and update as soon as I discover any.

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7 thoughts on “In Silence

  1. “Remember the day that neon lights Cant say,
    That Deaf people cant read lips hidden today.”

    Wow Pat. What a cool, vulnerable, courageous, beautiful poem. Thank you for spurring me to consider the plights of others in a way I never have before. You rock. 🙏🏼


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