There are times that we come upon occasions that become a Battleground within our minds. Or a battle ground that most may never see or experience. The following poem is an attempt to place this mindset into poetry. It may not be a fantastic success BUT It tries to place for others to see what often lays inside the mind of many who wander through the tracks of the mind in silence.

As always I ask for forgiveness for any typos that may appear. I correct and update as soon as I am aware of such mistakes. I also welcome any comments that folks may feel they wish to make. But I ask that you consider others who may become insulted by any remarks. Basically be aware of how you typesomething as different cultures bring different understandings of same nature.

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Life's battles not what they appear
Ends when all may find some cheer.
Walk the line and hope for time,
To take you through to beat the climb.

The walk is short for some it seems,
A harder journey lay without schemes,
Who struggle through without chains,
May find the battle worth the pains.

After walking the roads that lead beyond,
Finished where I deemed as nowhere pond.
I ceased to make sense when I set out,
It does not matter what I came to shout.

Aimless motions guiding through shadows
Without knowing where the wind blows.
Sing the songs within your heart that guides,
Even beyond the point of rising tides.

Minds battles appear a wager of kinds,
That brings us to the day that binds.
Life's battles another day that causes stirs,
In the rivers of our emotions that blurs. 

Β© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

Thank you for taking time in reading this post. If you feel a need to comment, I welcome that with all eagerness. I also hope that you understand any of the topics that I post in such poetry. Such is the case in the poem above. Even if you do not experience or understand, please know that many do in a variety of ways.

Until next time, Please take care and look out for those in need.

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