I longed for many years to compose a poem of sorts that carries within it a thought of what my country holds for me. A poem that in some ways tells what inspires me to love this land in which I reside. The same land that inspired generations of those who gave all to see this emerald free. Long seen as The Emerald Isle, Ireland (my home land) is the ideal which I form within todays poem.

I hope that this inspires some to ponder or question why, maybe one day visit and taste for yourself. As always I welcome any comments that folks feel should be made. Also I ask in advance for forgiveness for any typos that may appear. I Edit and update as soon as any are found.

Photo by Kelly Lacy on Pexels.com


The Seas are first to grace your beauty.
Your presence inspires and builds their duty.
Why its not lore they embrace but you.
The emerald of the seas a love they knew.

The Moon and Stars you kiss at night,
Staying free, a call you inspire fight.
Generations answered without fear,
An emerald to guard when dangers near. 

Myths stir in the hearts for many to hold,
Who remain within your gaze remain bold.
The Banshee cries for your sons who pass.
Many will hear your lore numbered as grass.

Stir the hearts of many like freedoms cry,
Desires to find your peaceful shores eye.
Many found and settled within your doors,
Your welcoming gaze opens to your shores.

Days of old have tales that many dream,
Or dare to seek the land where all seem,
Near at hand yet withheld like unfinished,
Tales of hero's now long diminished.

Such is the land in which I reside
The beauty I see an emerald bride.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

I hope that you are stil not too confused about the poem which I have posted here. BUT it is my little mark of respect for the land that I was born and still live in. I hope that you enjoyed most of all my attempt at poetic verse about This land.

Until next time please take care and as always look out for those in need of a little love.

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