The Race

Todays poem is pretty much set on looking at life as if it were a race. There is not much to state on this but I hope it causes some to ponder as it were, where their race is run. Or how it is run, it differs for each person but the end result is the same. As always I welcome any and all coments. But I ask for forgiveness for any typos that may happen. I am prone to typos , which I update as I discover . Please enjoy.

The Race

Who can forget to run the race,
Gathered within and set the pace.
Live without regret it may not last,
The race of life may soon be past.

Freedom the inner most desire,
All who run will find their fire.
Living life the course that is set,
Your race is run without a bet.

Live your life as if a race is run,
You may stumble run like its fun.
Falls may happen but stay the course
Seek to run without remorse.

In Life you stumble, fall and fail,
Take it like you are set to sail.
Regret may hinder or cause to fall,
Live your life like it is your call.

Β© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

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Thank you for taking time to read this ppost. If you have feedback, please feel free to post a coment etc. But I ask that you be as respectful as it is possible, I understand differences will happen. But I wish to encourage with my writings as I hope this one has been.

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  1. Excellent poem pat and have a great weekend.

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  2. Yes in our life we may fall or fail but we have to move on . Nicely expressed πŸ€—πŸŒΉ

    Liked by 2 people

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