Gilded Bird

How often does one walk through life without setting the talent they possess to flight? Like a Gilded Bird held within its cage, it remains unseen by eyes or ears that could see or hear the beauty it holds.

Sadly too often many walk through life without letting that Gilded Bird free to roam beyond the boundaries that you set. Such is the case when it comes to a talent that one may hold within. Take that step to set it free, it can only return stronger from its flight, if none had seen its flight.

Gilded Bird

Open the cage that kept the gilded bird,
Hidden from the world an unspoken word.
Kept within its binds awaiting the flight,
Set free to flight, no one knows how bright.

As your gilded bird takes flight and grows,
See the heights reached no one knows.
Expand the land you hold that kept you near,
Soar above the clouds let your talents cheer.

Hidden from caring eyes within the cage,
The gilded bird is restrained for an age.
If you stayed forever within your lands,
No eyes can see you shine just strands.

Wander the fields and rivers that lay ahead,
Your gilded bird in flight is never dead.
Let it soar beyond your binds to pastures new,
And return with treasures beyond the blue.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

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  1. Good post 👍😊

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  2. Beautiful and inspiring!

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  3. Wow! Such a beautiful post. I really loved it.

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