The Cry Freedom

For the large part my writiing never contains political messages BUT rather ones that are pointers as it were for life in itself. BUT with events in recent times and Vaccine Passports etc and other restrictions for those who decide for themselves NOT to get vaccinated either by choice of free will or by distrust of any potential hidden adjenda.

Such following restrictions place such people as 2nd class citzens of their own nations. I am not stating where I stand on such a point BUT I am 110% against such discrimination of any persons. Vaccination passports are not one such step or solution that includes all as equals but causes discrimination. Such is the basis of todays Poem.

I know and understand that thisis a divisive topic and WILL NOT seek to begin a discussion on whether one gets Vaccinated or NOT, That is the decision of the persons in question, BUT My topic is the freedom that is restricted on some because of a decison that they make thus making tyhem 2nd class citizens of their nations.

The Cry Freedom

I sit in my lonely cell and wondered
How i ended in this path that plundered,
My hearts desire of life's fire and run,
A cell of Ice imprisoned and done.

A Knife in the heart or so it feels,
Madness runs the record and squeals. 
The mice that protested desire to know,
What is hidden within the unseen flow.

Divided we fail to see tears that flow,
The cockerel calls a little late to show.
To serve and protect a motto lost,
For little known becomes a heavy cost.

The virus feared not the one that kills,
Nor those that seek to pay the bills.
The lies that seals ones walk alone
Is not enough to yet atone.

The Leaders voice now traitor heard,
Freedom’s call a forgotten choice.
Restricting masses for uncontrolled fear,
Behold the cry the mice reside and hear.

“The Cry freedom”.

©Pat Fitzgerald 2021

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Again I welcome all comments BUT this time I do ask to respect the decision NOT to discuss who gets Vaccinated or NOT etc? Thank you for taking time to read this post. Until next time Please take care and look out for those in need.

P.S Please excuse any typos in publication, I will correct and update as soon as I find them.

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24 thoughts on “The Cry Freedom

  1. Wonderful piece, Pat! And so true! Only we can decide what we put into our bodies and no form of government has the right to restrict our freedoms based on our decisions regarding our health and well-being. Thank you for posting.

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      1. You don’t have to worry about getting any backlash from me, hon. Just knowing they’re pushing this Vax so hard makes me suspicious as heck. And you have to ask yourself what’s in it for them if you get the vaccine. There’s got to be something in it for them otherwise they wouldn’t be punishing those who choose not to put something in their bodies that they don’t know enough about. That’s just common sense.

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      2. I’ve been asking that question since they demanded indemnity before any release of vaccine. Plus I do not trust vaccines that easy. I am also a believer that this virus did not start where they say.

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      3. If I said that I watched a documentary that mentioned a mysteriopus virus pretty much out of control in a sector of a nothern USA city that aired approx 12 months before this Virus broke out in China, how many would believe it? Strange fact is no such documentary can not be found now.

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      4. Girrrrl! Me too! I never would’ve believed it ten or twenty years ago! I would’ve thought the person telling me this or writing it was a real nut case! 😂🤣


    1. A vaccination that is largly untested? and a vaccination program that flies in thye face of Free will choice and a phrase that Pro Abortionoists use for years, My Body my choice. BUT now that does not count! When a government goes against the free will of its people they Must be questioned and brought to answer such questions. My point in poems is Never to point one view BUT to show what is seen from the eyes of a poet such as I.


      1. No no please don’t say it. You haven’t behave rude . You only express your opinion and it’s our right. Good point you mentioned. Thank you very much. ❣️

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