Cluttered Thoughts

At time we struggle through life awaiting direction or for some we stroll onwards as if lost. Striving to find the Pied piper within our minds that carried us this far. You do not understand? Then you are in a good place. Most of us are often unaware that we carry on through our days as if carried there by an unknown force within our minds.

Or such is the theme of todays poem. Consider a time when you find yourself carried through a day unaware what brought you this far. I called it The Pied Piper of Our Minds for the purpose of this poem.

Cluttered Thoughts

Take a walk by the Rivers of life,
Find your name carved with a knife.
A trail that winds near by leads,
Nowhere and yet takes us past weeds.

Empty the box that clutter your mind,
To seek the thoughts of another kind.
Play the games they wish to occupy,
Distant from the shores no-one will modify.

Take shelter from the mid-day sun,
By webs that spiders recently spun.
Read between the lines where time flies,
The phantom tales become all but lies.

The rains that storms once carried,
Shares space with rebels that rallied.
Bottle fed schemes never our own,
The pied piper plays a new tune alone.  

Β©Pat Fitzgerald 2021

I hope that at the very least you enjoyed taking a stroll through this mind that captured such thoughts on poem for this post. As always if you wish to make a comment, I welcome as I always will. Until next time Please take care and look out for someone in need of a smile.

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  1. πŸ’œ Money is Monopoly, Means Much yet NOTHING!!! and SOMETHING!!! EveryOne; preferably Backgammon, Scrabble and Monopoly Plus Other Games


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  2. Beautifully penned. Thanks for sharing. Happy Wednesday.

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  3. “Bottle fed schemes never our own” It’s so true. Great poem. I really enjoyed it!

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  4. This is such a beautiful writing.. loved it

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