Spin The Wheel

I sat to write today’s poetic piece, while Ireland was in the midst of a heatwave and temperatures that we as irish would not normally be accustomed to.

But regardless of my struggles with heat and humidity etc, I wrote yet another poem that covers the topic of over coming fears. To pass the hurdle that kept you from entering to pastures new is something that can be a major step for many.

I hope as always that you enjoy this post. If you feel a need to comment, I welcome it as always.

Spin the wheel

Spin the wheel, meet fortune where it lays,
Catch the sunrise as it starts its days.
The spider there spins its web unaware,
The grander picture outside its lair.

Take a stroll in the summers breeze to feel,
The refreshing waters flow where you Kneel.
Why waste the day that brings you brighter
Sitting in shadows will not aid the fighter.

Spin the wheel, greet the prize that awaits,
Take your pack and go through the gates.
Fear hinders you from meeting the dawn,
Of a new day that you can never pawn.

Break the web that eternally seeks to bind,
Seek freedom in the new days light aligned.
Spin the wheel, then seek to turn the tide,
To a new pasture there for you to abide.  

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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11 thoughts on “Spin The Wheel

      1. The common theme – enjoy each day for what it offers

        PS I believe your heatwave now is 30 degrees. Where I’m from a week of 40 degrees is considered a heatwave…..then again we’re a bit more acclimatized and prepared for this than you are


      2. For most irish temperatures like we have been having in recent weeks is well above that which we are used to. I am not up with the terminology but either way I am certainmany could explain better than I. we do not get temperatures this high very much. we best enjoy while we have it.


      3. LoL Humidity has been a killer.. at least for me it is.. Cool or reasonable cool air is what I would love.. We have had pretty high humidity with this heat… But storms hitting some of the country over the next couple of days.. BUT seems we miss on the storms here…


      4. There is a change in weather patterns from thelast number of years. BUT I do remember years as a Kid where the weather was just as warm.. BUT very possible that there is a change.


      5. I know there are natural fluctuations and cycles in the weather but it is logical to me that since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution man is influencing climate in a negative way. We need to reverse this…….


  1. I grew up in Scotland so wasn’t used to the kind of temps that now seem to be more common there, either. Loved the poem!
    Yes, we need to spread our wings and take those little chances and opportunities. It’s what makes life such an adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

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