What was Intended Became Something Else.

I sat here with intention to compose, to write and more important to create.  But many at one point or another  come to a point, a cross road as it were where each attempt to write is hindered or cast into confusion of sorts by distraction after distraction brings the exercise to a halt.   … Continue reading What was Intended Became Something Else.

A Spotlight Moment

Hi,  I am taking time out to provide a Spotlight moment  on another persons work and in turn I hope to provide for her an extra. I am turning the spotlight on Lizzies Life. I know the work of this young lady for a number of years.  at least I should well know her because … Continue reading A Spotlight Moment

What I See

I started this topic as what I started out as a poem, But it developed into a personal blog, also an attempt to improve my writing style. please let me know if it is an improvement or any other views you may have.   when I look at you I look not at colour when … Continue reading What I See

My Earliest Memory

I have been thinking recently of my earliest memories, which brought me about to doing this blog  relating to earliest memories. I was born in late 1961 ( and yes I am not a spring chicken as it were)  in a rural area on the county boundary between County Cork and County Limerick in the … Continue reading My Earliest Memory

All Lives Matter

Rather than post a poem or a couple of photographs as I would normally do, I wanted to address a topic that The Media appears to put as number one focus. Not that of Hunger, starvation, nor that of Unjust War Or any form of War, because what war is just.  Neither is it this … Continue reading All Lives Matter


I have been thinking of  what to write tonight here and was stirred or inspired would be more suitable a term, to post something that is a little different. A song that stirs  up pride in the country of my Birth and being Irish, plus its use of both the Irish Language (Irish one of … Continue reading Inspiration

Such a small milestone and Such a Large Encouragement

Hi I hope this little post finds you well.. I first started experimenting with this Blog a number of years ago, but without any drive to make it work. Rather more of a desire to write anything for the sake of writing and as a measure to release some mental health issues. Then a couple … Continue reading Such a small milestone and Such a Large Encouragement

My Growth in Style

Back in the mid to late 1980's I started writing poetry as a means of getting a  lot of off my mind as it were. But the rebel in me refused to follow any means of style or any such known  poetic methods etc. My writings often resembled mere catchment of words  entwined with some … Continue reading My Growth in Style

Writing for the sake of writing

Hi, it has been a number of weeks since I made a post... But there could be a wide variety of excuses in which to choose from, Yet would any of them be of any good? I doubt it very much as who cares about any reasons? Or who even cares about any post at … Continue reading Writing for the sake of writing

Attainable or Unattainable

Have you ever wished to journey back in time to change a prior decision, take a different path in life or in some way change the situations that effected such changes within one's mind? Even the changes in one's happiness or unhappiness is a very desirable situation. Many will say "make such changes in your … Continue reading Attainable or Unattainable