Unasked Questions

Questions as difficult as they may be

Always Answers should be sought

Who dares ask so they do not flee

Those questions for you and I not bought.


Who dares  to stand and bring to the fore

Right reasons they feel are true at such a cost

The lives destroyed by fearless giants cost more

But lost to deafened ears  such costs are lost.


Who dares to stand? Who dares to ask?

Why would they gamble so with lives?

Does any hear the cries to  bring to task?

Silent  lost in  Mire of hidden lies, what drives?


Does any dare to ask the few? Why, what where or when?

They Gambled so with lives That was never theirs to take.


There are questions in life that are never answered. Nor are there  enough to stand the gap and ask , inquire or even hold to task those who fail to see any reason why they should recount their deeds or actions. So many of the  diseases and viruses  that we have come upon in this world were either created by mankind or as a result of their inept failings in a vast number of ways.


One could research each disease that plagued mankind and discover that it is in some way, mankind himself that caused such curses and plagues.

Throughout history there has been issues that recount that which cost so many deaths and yet None has asked those important questions. Who, Why, Where and When?  Does anyone care that  no one holds to account  those who brought upon us cost so many lives?


Not just in relation to the most recent events of COVID 19  But to each event in life? So many have escaped answering so many issues that should have been brought to inquire upon.


Much alike the ongoing task of Racism such are never really dealt with but merely left as it were for another to ask the Hard, difficult questions. That which few would ever dare to ask.  yet so many would stand the gap for other not so  costly issues.  Thus i ask again Who dares to ask the Hardest questions of all? Who dares to bring to light the answers we all desire to hear.


Maybe these are mere words of a mind that  pens such and lets for the world to see. Until next time, thank you for taking time out to read this, until next time Please stay safe.

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