Silent Thoughts

Continuing on with recent poetic trends that I fought to withhold.  Those thoughts I wished to keep within the confines of my own being. The following poem is one meant to cause the reader to ask him or herself the important questions that need addressing.


When issues  become important for one to withhold, one brings them to their place where it is brought to the world view as it were.  So many issues in life  remain unanswered, never dealt with. But merely cast to another’s table for them to take forward. Who in turn casts it on and so the cycle continues. Please enjoy this poem.


Silently sitting past the midnight hour

Seeking the answers I wish to find.

Why many follow the sheep like power

waiting to devour all within its kind.


Wandering wishing blindly for one who hold

The desires that all may see as beyond the pale.

The travelers eye it wanders free thus bold

Where silent voices piled higher a wall for sale.


Cover Clover for the mask you behold

Fear that worms its way through crawls free.

Cast aside the weak, the vulnerable you hold

For fear calls you to follow to go see.



Who takes the risk, the unbridled care for those?

Who dares stray from the paths that fear carves out?


© Pat Fitzgerald



It has been my aim, my desire to get the readers to look beyond the words they see in print. To go beyond the limits the perceive as the ends and find questions or answers they may seek.


Thank you for taking time to read this.  Until next time Please stay safe.

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