What was Intended Became Something Else.

I sat here with intention to compose, to write and more important to create.  But many at one point or another  come to a point, a cross road as it were where each attempt to write is hindered or cast into confusion of sorts by distraction after distraction brings the exercise to a halt.


But what should one do when faced with moments when life brings our creative element to a screeching halt with unintended moments that takes our well sought moments to create and bring us in its place to a wall of silence that breaks our creative element into a composition full of what could be termed as “What the Heck!”


There have been moments through the years where I faced the same road that has been trodden by many before me as they sat to create their beloved pieces of historic creative muses. Or at least I try to term in in such words to fill the empty space that was reserved for a poetic piece.


Each poem we as writers compose are in themselves a piece of historic creation that springs from the mind of its author.  Even though our poetic creations make up form in a variety of styles. It does not mean that one style is better than another. It merely  is the style that its creator  lets their creative element free to enrich our literary lives.


This is how i view the writings of others.  An enrichment of our literary lives  that even if it were for a brief moment, would in itself bring pleasure and enjoyment to our days.


This little composition has at this point turned into an expression of my views , combined with an expression of my views on Poems and style of such poems. I am certain that some may find areas to disagree but none the less it is at the very least filling a space that was first intended for a fresh poem.


Thank you for  taking time to read this and until next time please stay safe.


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