What I See

I started this topic as what I started out as a poem, But it developed into a personal blog, also an attempt to improve my writing style. please let me know if it is an improvement or any other views you may have.


when I look at you I look not at colour

when I speak with you I speak not at colour.

we are who we are not for our colour But for what we see.

I do not speak to colour, for it is who you are is who I speak to.


we differentiate in many means and fit all into boxes that characterize our lives according to that labels that fits a system of beliefs.


If i permitted colour to be the reason for my conversations with m fellowman /woman then I would be Racist according to such system of beliefs. I do not consider myself Racist nor do I ever seek to be Racist . I look at my fellow man or woman not for the colour of their skins But I would address a person for who they are.


Neither do I address one for their Faith, religion or any other form of belief or Non belief. For that in itself will carry yet another tag or Label, and another one that I detest. I as a Christian and a believer in Christ Jesus as my personal savior cannot point at my fellow man and say I am superior because of that which I believe. But I would rather speak of my faith and testify of That which has brought me so far in tis path of life.


When I look at a child I see a child, Not that of a label, nor one who is abled or disabled. My youngest born child was a Disabled child, thus categorized as Profoundly physically and mentally disabled . But when I look at a child I see a child, not for his or her ability. But for that which they are a Life worth investing in. Each life is worth investing in. We as parents invest in our children to educate, to mold as it were in a path which we deem to be the best for them in life. Primary education is such an attribute a method of education that begins from birth where Parents and those in positions of honor to teach a child everything from the basic of tasks..


yet each child learns at its own pace, some much faster than others. Yet a child like my son would learn at a pace that will be far slower and far more extensive to aid them to learn the most basic of tasks. Yet we live in a society that places such children in categories that which they invest in those who they can gain more from in years to come.. Yet those children deemed as disabled are invested in almost with pity or disdain by some areas of society. There are those in society that do not see such children as my son was as a child worth investing in. Nor do they see them as worthwhile.


Such is the views of society where Colour , faith and ability determines where we can go in life.


Yet I decide to Look not at Colour.

I decide Not to speak to Colour.

I decide to speak to a child regardless of their ability or disability.


I look at my fellow Man/ woman not for colour.

I speak to a fellow man / woman not at colour.


I do no see any child worthless because of their ability or disability.


My son lived for 5 years and they are years that I relive and cannot take back, yet they are years that I treasure for the remainder of my days. He was a child with a disability NOT a child that was worthless. He was a child that thought me much more than anyone could ever do. Be it on a topic of Race, colour, faith or anything else.


Thank you for taking time to read this, until next time, Stay safe.



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