An Ode to Who Matters

Being one who grew up with a very keen interest in Irish National affairs, especially in relation to Irish History and the impact it has had on people in general. Even towards an event that happened in ireland just a little over 100 years ago. That of Irish Independence, even if it meant a division on the Island of Ireland where six counties remain within the United Kingdom. BUT this post is NOT about that, yet it does relate to a political mindset.

There is a growing discontentment with the irish government and how they have dealt with a number of issues. A Government that is made up of two parties who have claimed and yet acted as opposing sides from times of the Irish Civil war era. BUT both could not see the trees through the smoke that is their inept style of governance that seeks to kiss ass of political elites world wide and thus taking in thousands of refugees, housing them etc, ALL whilst tens of thousands of irish people are living on the streets. That is in short a betrayal of the irish people and promises made over years…

BUT this is where todays poem comes in.. In most western Nations Governments have made promises both to the people in which they serve and to those who helped place them in power. So often much of those promises are forgotten and the people (“The Masses”) begin to suffer, Rising cost in living is explained away and an excuse of War cost to such high prices etc. Yet who actually cares in the end for the people that struggle when hit by such, from those left homeless due to extremely high rental rates to all other living costs thus leaving more and more homeless and when their government appears to aid others before their own people.

Todays poem is about those who are victims, those who are forgotten in the shuffle that is political ruling and governance. In this poem I have tried to have it feel like the very flow of the poem is how it should be to people effected. Like for example in the second last stanza I asked a question , a question that folks should most likely say “Sorry it does not make sense to me! what are you trying to say etc?. This is the point I am trying to make within the poem, whether one lays with the right wing or the left wing? It maters not to me where one stands, pnce they actually look in the eyes of their people and honour their promises to them. A phtase comes to mind “the proof lays in the pudding!” Thus asking if that pudding shine, does not make sense when taking the revious stanza into account. I hope that folks understand where I am coming from in this post.

A person is only as good as the word he or she keeps, They are as good as the people they have helped. They are as good as the good they have done for others. Etc This is a standard I like to see held up. Thus todays poem is An Ode to Who Matters. Then who does matter? In finishing this lead in to the poem, It may not be the political ruling elite that one finds within this poem, But it could be other aspects of society.

Please enjoy this poem.

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An Ode to Who Matters

Stolen moments hidden from view,
The queue to release, few see but ever knew.
Braided cords where defeat and retreat,
Lay neat along the street yet few greet.

An opened book that no one took to look,
Laid there gathering dust notes for the cook.
The kitchen now bare none did ever care,
Who stands a prayer when none swears it was there.

Should you stand with the left all else are bland,
Yet run with the right, all bright in the band.
Simplified theories stand polished missing point,
The hero of the hour stands set to anoint.

When the band plays bland colours soon combine,
What differs in the pudding does it shine? 
Masses still suffer thus crawl in their mire,
Power steals from it’s own dust to light a fire.

Freedom roars when the reaper calls them home,
Stand in line follow course, thus never roam.
Walk with the fire outside the box retire,
Who shall combine to climb the spire of fire. 

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

My thanks to all who have come this far into this post. I realise it may not be a topic you would have liked, BUT all topics in society can become a topic for a poem. As such is the case in this situation. But thank you for reading this far in any post of mine.

As many have found, mistakes and typos make their way intopublished article of my posts, in which I corect as I discover them. No matter how many times I proof read, I miss mistakes and typos. Therefore I do correct as I discover any mistakes and typos. I ask for forgiveness for such mistakes and typos etc…

In finishing, Please stay safe and keep well. Also when possible please try to show a little loving care to those within society who are in need of such loving care ta this time.

Until next time Cheers.

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4 thoughts on “An Ode to Who Matters

  1. Good article. While Anatoly Shiransky was in the Gulag for supporting human rights, he had much time to also consider and see what one’s word does to a person. To thine own self be true.

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