Beyond Painted Excuses

It is difficult at times to move beyond a certain topic such as the one that was and has been the root of my poetry as of late. Today’s poem again continues along that vein of thought.Who should care to step out from the crowd and help those who need it most. When life is fast living, it is harder for folks to low enough to even spot those who need our help most. We live in a world that pushed to move fast and hard to earn and struggle yet to survive, yet those within society are ripping apart while in need of our help. Yet so few come by them and provide such help and loving care.

In many countries people are guaranteed help when they need it most. BUT more so in this age and time, many more are cast aside behind a wall of excuses and red tape, yet no real help comes from those who should be there to serve. Many in power misunderstand the concept that They serve the people rather than the people serve them. Also many would rather hide the homeless and needy behind walls of excuses and painted vibes, thus living in a hope that the problem disappears or dies away. Thus the reaper calls each day to collect the load or dead who died forgotten and unloved by those who should have and could have helped.

A question remains, What do you care to do? How do you propose to deal with the unwanted load? Our Poor, our Needy and our Homeless. We have a responsibility to first look out for those before doing so for others. Or is my view point now a View that lays to gather dust amongst a load more who write of and speak of such issues.

Please enjoy this poem.

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Beyond Painted Excuses

Goodwill the pipe dream ripe worth believing
 Where such lost its fight a cost for grieving.
Compassion dressed and sells as none dwells,
Hidden beside the marrow pride rings bells.

Dressed to the nines forgetting signs,
Standing in lines end goal survival in kinds.
More of the same a waiting game worthless,
The peacocks strut on parade remorseless.

Wear it bright for all to see right tokens,
Gestures seen with photo shoots in dozens.
Painted vibes colours clean disguise unseen,
Nursery rhymes does not tell what’s really green.

Scatter to the edges beyond painted zones,
Painted right withstand the fight, cast no stones.
Thus dead people tell no tales, why no cries,
Reveal the struggle to survive past Lies.

Party hard, live harder,  no time to see,
When the reaper calls to collect his fee.
A cold winters morn’ another not served,
Forgotten, worthless, painted excuses.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this post. Even more so I thank you for reaching this far into my post. My poetry may not always appear bright and upbeat, BUT my thoughts are to bring certain issues to peoples minds at times. Such is the case with todays poem.

My aim with this blog has been to strive to reach 1000 followers, Not for any personal pride etc. But as a goal for such a small time blog which primefocus is poetry with the odd sprinkling of photography. As I pubish this I am just 20 away from that goal. Any help to bring in 20 more would be fantastic.

Before finishing I often publish with some mistakes and typos making their way into the published post. rest assured I correct and update as soon as I discover any such mistake or typo within any post.

In finishing, Please stay safe , keep well and try to show a little loving care to those who may be in need of loving care at this time of year.

Until next time Cheers.

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12 thoughts on “Beyond Painted Excuses

  1. Such a touching poem about the plight of those less fortunate. We have to drive downtown for my daughter’s therapy each week and the number of homeless grows each time. To see them huddled under overpasses and in makeshift tarp tents, tears my heart in two. It’s important to not walk by without feeling the pain. It’s important to look and give what you can.


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