In Solitude

In a rare afternoon where house was empty of life I sat and considered where my next poem would arise from. I enjoy moments of solitude to silently reflect or consider issues in my thoughts. Thus this began to be the corner stone as it were for today’s poem.

I believe imagination holds a great key for creativity thatone who writes for example can let their works flow. So also Imagination has been a large part of this creative work. Using areas of a local haunt of mine for solitary walks, thus helped to create this poem.

Using the solitude of a walk in nature and the sounds that should bring to the readers mind and combine it with a pining of a heart to meet once more the holder of their hearts key. I believe this to be quiet a beautiful back drop for today’s poem. Please Enjoy.

A low down shot of a gravel path winding between two trees

In Solitude

Rain soaked pathways hold a tale,
As a heart cold as ice behind a veil.
Mountain tops unseen beneath clouds,
A vision obscured by growing crowds.

Take me to a lonely rivers edge,
Where a Mallard rests by a ledge.
In solitude I sit where a swan may feed,
Few will be found that sit and read.

Or stroll through abandoned lanes,
As city life now absent yet no trains.
Your beauty I see about in solace,
Where all I find here is flawless.

Come sweetly sit a while and tell why,
Your beauty haunts and no yearning fly.
Muted misery is my hold in absence,
No life blood flows without you in essence.

I wander silent fields to listen still,
Silence haunts each reply to catch my fill.
Why has failure landed at my door,
Ease this loss so I can again soar.

Β©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this post. I am beyond blessed that so many have read through these posts. If anyone wishes to comment, I welcome with an open heart. I merely ask that folks who post a comment, to please post comments in a polite manner. This is to avoid any insult etc that some may find when they visit this page.

When I publish these posts, I am known for posting with, mistakes or typos included. These are always corrected and updated once such a typo or mistake are found. However I do hope that you do enjoy such posts and your comments have encouraged me in my walk as a poetin my walk with creative writing etc.

Before finishing, Please stay safe, take care and please show a little loving care to those who may be in need of a little loving care at this point.

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14 thoughts on “In Solitude

  1. “Rain soaked pathways hold a tale,
    As a heart cold as ice behind a veil.”
    You hooked me right away with those lovely lines. What a great topic for a poem and now I want to take a hike alone and sit beside the water where the “swan may feed.”

    Liked by 2 people

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