Aged Shadows

In composing todays poem, I as it has happened so often before, I ended up quiet a way off from the intended place at the start. BUT it still brings a couple of threads of thoughts for pondering over. I know some will have views that differ from that which this poem appears to show, but amongst the threads for thought and pondering over, is that of one finding love in an age when some of society may see it as passed you by. In other words finding love in old age or advancing years.

Todays poem is centered around love, but asks a few questions where the reader should either have their view that which will be unmoved or those who may ponder on and maybe discuss amongst themselves. One who finds love may find that love at any age in adulthood. But some may not accept one of advancing years finding love that brings a step as it were within their lives. Or one who experienced great heart break and is slow to enter a relationship due to mistrust and heart ache.

The poem tackles the issue of finding love again, to sum it up in a few words. It is quiet different to that which I had intended but I am quiet happy with the finished product. Thus the name resulted in a slight change to put it mildly..

I do hope that you enjoy this either way or that you find some entertainment in this post.

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Aged Shadows

Chasing shadows softly gathered pace,
One only seeking respite in a race.
Where love strikes a broken heart,
Could the arrow pierce to a love start.

Broken wings wounded dare not fly,
Scorched in fires beneath the sky.
Longing to answer a silent call,
Who cannot fly, but can they crawl?

Sheltered under lonely skies,
Yet who can start when no man cries.
The arrow pierces beyond the age,
When limits cease unsheltered wage.

Thus does passion fires cease to burn,
When age catches one and hand turn?
Can age disable the heart that love?
 When the heart wanders free as a dove.

Casting stones within glass houses,
Hurts one, not where the mouse is.
Restrict love within your desired field,
Still not your cause to seek and shield.

© Pat Fitzgerald  2022 

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