The Dark Beast of Fear

In taking a little break from my recent topical writing, I felt the need and desire to write on something I am certain that I have touched on before. This is the Topic of Fear! BUT on this occasion it is the beast of FEAR that is or appears to be driven by Social Media platforms and News Outlets.

I have been struck by the number of posts, videos and all such areas stirring unneeded fear. I know many would go about ignoring such posts. BUT stirring fear on a person or people is a very strong form of control that many are effected by, even without knowing or realising. In this poem I have set in a manner of speaking each Fear inspired post or video is one brick that eventually constructs a wall. Until we are surrounded by a wall of fear. Where the Dark Beast of Fear can devour at will.

My origional method was to use the example of The ancient Celtic god of Fear, Known in the Irish Language (one of the gaelic languages as Fear (I would have pronounced whether I am correct or not, as “farr”) Dorcha (again I would have pronounced “Dor Ka”) In english It would have been known as Dark Man. It is a Mythical Creature of Celtic Legend and associated with being a servant of the Fairy Queen.

BUT in consideration I felt the need to loosly give mention to him as a Dark Beast rather than confusion with other language pronounciation. Thus todays poem is all related to how we cover ourselves with fear driven posts, media and other such without taking time to give a reality check. Having stated all of this I hope that you enjoy this little poem.

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The Dark Beast of Fear

Surrounded by bricks that bind,
A belief in all leaves us blind.
We wander the mist neglect in time,
Troubles ne’er cease to play the mime.

Lurking within the shadows deep,
Where the dark beast begins to creep.
Devouring all but fear align to define,
Who thus constructs fears own shrine.

Constructed about all seen particles,
Walls of fear feed as barnacles.
Enable elements thus breaking moulds,
Forwarded to repeat and all it holds.

Dare but step beyond the shadows,
Impose the ranks beneath woes.
Shielded by the beast that creeps,
Cleanse the footwork in heaps.

Logic dictates as fear controls desires,
Light the fires that burn no crossed wires.
Broken bonds the beast controls,
Rewrite the manuals that drive roles.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022 

Thank you for making it this far into this post, I hope that this poem has made some clarity in a manner of speaking. I hope that at the very least one goes away from this post with a little enjoyment or a gem or two of insight etc.

Such poems like the one in this post are centered on how we as mankind are driven or controlled by issues that should not be as controlling or restricting. In a way such poetry I hope helps someone find insight in such dark roads.

I often post and publish with Mistakes or typos included without noticing any at the time of publishing. Thus I ask for forgiveness and understanding that I do correct and update as soon as I discover any mistake or typo.

In finishing, Please take care and stay safe. As always my closing request is to show a little loving care to those who are in need of loving care at this time…

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6 thoughts on “The Dark Beast of Fear

    1. I know. After 30 plus years as a believer. One must pose such thoughts.. especially when Media, scial media outlets and other forms all provide aspects that feed fear. Thus does one accept what such areas provide and feed OR Set them aside as in posts in social media that feed fear for other areas that does not.. and very much more.As a believer I cannot sit and not address such topic that lay heavy before me.. Love and respect to all.


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