Love is…

While walking in the warm May air, I became filled as it were with terms that have today helped form what is now todays poem. It has surprised me how the combination of a number of words can bring forth a poem such as the one within this post, or indeed form texts as seen in many other posts. The pleasure it brings to eventually read through the final result is a joy in itself, that I cannot explain with adeqaute effect.

Todays poem as seen by the title of this post states a lot and also can bring with it a host of questions that one may find within themselves, until they read the poem themselves. Whether the reader believes the points stated within the poem or even whether one discounts and denies all that is listed within the poem, it has helped to create a poetic creation that, I as a poet that I found a challenge.

Thus I will be interested how folks find this poem. How the reader finds this creation and very many questions can spring from my mind as I post this for all to read. Curiously I post and await any comments.

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Love is...

With infinite possibilities beyond,
The point of reason when deeds spawned.
Love measured and embraced within the heart,
Carries to a realm where two never exist apart.

A dance in the moonlight night fails to reflect,
The endless desire to embrace the loves architect.
Beyond the beating heart alone, love exists,
Past the vessels that labour within, love insists.

The lovers heart skips a beat when both combine,
In unity that takes them where ne’er did assign.
Incapable of function, one pines until both reunite,
Each passing moment apart spawns an inner fight.

Through troubles that cast like storms, love persists,
Beyond the sands of time, love lists.
A heart exists solo at flight in life, love awaits,
To carry new found through pleasures gates.

Enveloped with a blanket of passion, love is bliss,
Through out life's journey one awaits loves kiss.
Lost in life two hearts wander alone in time,
Love pines for a time when reunited love bells chime.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time out to read this little creation. My hope is that you as a reader have found something that is at the least an entertaining poem. Or in itself a poetic attempt that may or may not have met with expectations.

If you have a comment which you wish to make, I welcome with an open heart, but I ask that any comments are made in a polite manner. this request is to avoid any insult which some may find within words that may not be intended for insult, But words sadly do cause upset.

Until next time, Please take care, Stay safe and I ask that you try to show a little act of love to one who may be in need of at this time.

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14 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. Loved the poem and especially your comment of how it occurred! I love the experience you described. It happens to me fairly regularly, but then I’m always on the look out for words, titles and phrases that “Hit Me”. It seems titles and word prompts work best for me. You might already keep a file/notebook of these types of words. I keep a file and also audio record on my phone things to transcribe to my file – I call it my “Word Bank” because the entries so often end up paying dividends in the form of a new poem. If you don’t have one, try it – I think you will like it!!!! (an idea I picked up from the book – Poemcrazy – a great book – on Amazon)

    A good example was the word prompt I saw with the word – DUBIOUS! It immediately rang a bell with me and ended up in my poem – A Dubious Lover! Was going to share it with you but didn’t see a contact page or email. If you might be interested in reading it, let me know – 😊😁✨👍

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    1. Hi, Thank you for this comment. There was a time when I carried a notepad with me at all times… But now I use notepad on phone so typing a share of things these days. Those are days that I feel the need and drive to write something. But often irrates family a little when I stop to take note of a few things… To be honest I never thought of adding a contact… I may add a secondary email at some point .. BUT my main one is , I would most definately be interested in reading it.

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  2. This is an incredibly beautiful poem. Sir, you are truly talented. I love its emotional breadth and the rhyme. Also, thank you for supporting my blog. You are too kind!

    Liked by 2 people

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