The Word

It is not very often that I sit and write a little of my Faith, will or indeed have ever done soin an open manner. BUT I began the day out starting to compose a poem that centers about my faith. But in an open and clear form, Yet as always with my writings the end result changes.

The end result has shown what is a poem that on one level be seen as a poem of Faith and questions surrounding one’s Faith. Yet on another level it can be seen as a poem that questions and yet poiunts out a number of issues that may effect one’s walk in life. It all depends on how one views the poem in the end.

I do hope that either way, it is viewed in a more positive way. Not for any reason of pushing my faith on anyone, because folks havce seen over time here that such is not the case with my writings. But if any at all, it will be something hidden within the lines of the poetry that I write. The fruit of a tree is seen in what is eaten or consumed from such a tree. That is how I view faith in one aspect.

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The Word

Believe the word, that’s what you heard,
What's the point? You say yet finish third.
Spin the bottle, see where it stops,
Clean the well before a penny drops.

Did you see where the veil was torn?
Or has His footsteps ever been worn?
Desperate to succeed forgetting strife,
Make a deal but forget this life. 

Span the horizon to see what’s left,
But no-one catches or seizes the theft.
Share the call, spill the milk it’s crying time,
Come yet and blame the approaching mime.

Shoot the messenger blame the reward,
You may get lucky with the pirates hoard.
The way is open but still who can say,
This day will see your time come to weigh

Spill the beans and say it clear,
The cost is cheap or is it dear?
The crock of gold you never sold,
Remains forever to be still untold.


© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope that it has been a fruitfull visit or in the very least that this visit has been entertaining in some manner. If you did not come away from this visit here with something, then my hope is that you will find something of use here. It is my hope and view that poetry speaks from the poet But also is a voice for what is seen from the eyes of the poet, yet on another level it can be full of insight that can live beyond the writer themselves.

If you have a comment that you wish to make, I welcome. BUT I ask as I always do, that any comments are made in a polite manner, that is so we can avoid causing insult with anyone who may be insulted with what is written. Having stated that, Until next time, Please stay safe and take care, Please try to show a little loving care to one who is in need of a little loving care at this time.

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11 thoughts on “The Word

  1. 💜 My Marvellous Mom 👩 was a Devout, Religious Christian; then Realised ALL SHE!!! was Really Interested in was The Words of Jesus and Mary Magdalena so SHE!!! Quit The Male Dominated Church and is NOW!!! Focussing on Where The New Testament 👀 🤔 😏 😎 🤪 😉 👀 Corrects The Old Testament


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      1. 💜 Yes, indeed EveryOne; ask any adult if they THINK!!! The Same Way as when They Were a Child and Actively Listen 🎶 🙄 😐 😕 😒 😑 🎶 to Their Answer EveryBody


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  2. 💜 Religion, Culture, Corporations, Military 🪖 Societies, Tribes ALL Amount to The Same Thing EveryOne; it’s ALL About Rules, Regulations and CONTROL!!! by Influencing 🍾 😀 😄 😉 😜 😢 🍾 Minds and Stifling Creativity and Innovation


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  3. One of my favorite song came from while attending a school, many, many years ago. The song came from “The Trial of Billy Jack.” It was entitled “One Tin Soldier,” I believe.

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