There are times that I find inspiration for poetry in a Single Word or Phrase that finds me piecing a poem that fits the stream of thought. Such is the case with todays poem, I found myself caught up in the Title word for todays poem that found me writing on a couplke of issues that I shall let open for readers to find for themselves.

As in all my posts I welcome comments and I always feel the need to remind folks to be ppolite in any comments. Not for my own sake BUT for the understanding of other cultures.

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Shipwrecked on the rocks come the cry,
We deny as before until the day we die.
Words illuminant shield the light,
We judge all before and with out a fight.

Gone to aid the cause blindfolded behind,
Forced to wander alone feeling blind.
The animals find shelter in the dark,
Wandering as lepers in an empty park.

The lepers were healed despite their foe,
The blind soon saw the falling snow.
Storms that bring the crashing tides,
Soon pass to clearer skies with strides.

Shed light to darker times and zones,
Why seek to highlight our failing tones.
Superiority a shield used to mark the cup,
When the weak find strength in their sup.

Stumbling in the dark finding shelter,
Await the morn to find a helper.
But help finds your seeking path regained,
Shipwrecked on rocks we not all drained.

Β© Pat Fitzgerald 2021 

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I hope that as always this poem is of interest and worth your visit. Feel free to comment if you wish. Poetry can be a tool in which thoughts, dreams and even little gems that help guide a path in life can be placed and found. Such is my hope in poetry.

Until next time, Please take care and keep a watchfull eye on those in need of a little love.

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