A Little Fun

Hi for this post I want to say as little as possible and just post a fun poem. Therefore not much words just a poem.

Did you cheer that I spilt my beer
I slipped and I tried to run away and hide
Running from the fears that once spied
That beer was never mine.

I as freaking that losing you
Would bring more streaking fears
You howled at the moon and chased away the cat
I was never on your mind.

I saw you there without a care
You Piddled on the mat and blamed it on a cat
Then ran out the door doing one more chore
You Caring was never there.

When I was ill you stayed to fill
Another bowl of loving from your soul
But ran away with the cat to play again
You are my dog that ne’er was mine.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

Thank you for taking time to read this. Until next time Please take care.

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