Creative Fog

How many have come upon those days when your creative mind is covered in an endless fog. Where the creative abilities become limited by what I see as an inability to write very much or continue for an extended period of time.

This comes in a time when some of the Irish population are becoming increasingly tired of being confined in what appears to them as an unending lockdown, thus also being limited to a 5 klm restriction or travel. Also all their usual outlets of energy are shut down. This brings out what will be a very worrying time on the streets as extremists begin to look for their release of energy.

But on my own end and moving back to my starting point, the creative fog that limits my creative abilities has decended in its worst for some time. There is an eagerness to get out and finding that source of inspiration to create. Because there is only so much creation one can find whilst spending months on end within the same 5klm limit.

Therefore I await the day when this 5klm limit will be lifted and this writer will be spending days driving to locations that have been spent on many occasions in the past and reignite the writing spark I badly desire. Is this an experience others have found? Or am I in a minority that struggle where ones abilities begin to be stifled and suffocated slowly by a lockdown that also eventually locks up abilities along with all else.

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Thus my writing is limited to Lines and verses that one day may be completed and filled to completion. I await this Fog to lift and the following sunshine of inspiration to light up the landscape of creation.

In finishing, please forgive any typos, as some do pass through before I discover them.

Until next time Please stay safe..

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6 thoughts on “Creative Fog

  1. Cultivate the seed of idea on your mind’s fertile land and you will get benefitted. Clear the fog. My best wishes to you Pat. Take care.

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