Life’s Walk

I know many writers and poets go through periods of time when one struggles to get motivated enough to sit and compose such creative pieces as the poem below. These past few days I had been struggling to get into such a mindset to sit and write as I always would. Eventually I managed to fight through as it seems, OBut rather than composing and publishing over one evening, This one has taken two days. But the finished product is here.

Walking in this wet weather brought to my mind a spiritual type thought pattern that dominates todays poem. As a Christian believer for more years than I would care to number, I have always resisted pushing my faith and beliefs regardiing christianity into peoples faces. Instead I respect where people are at in such a topic, If they are interested then there are many to speak of that. Mine is not to judge nor cast such attitudes on people. Instead I prefer to display a more caring and positive attitude towards my fellow man (both man and woman).

I have seen over the years many writings , song and poetry that are very much Faith based that are of great quality. I believe some could be read in a double way as it were, booth as a love poem or one of worship and praise.

Today’s poem is set on such a topic, using terms that I have heard over the years that are often spoken in christian circles. I know Visitors and readers who are familiar with such terms will spot them. But this is a poem of one who struggled with their faith on occasions and still speaks their mind regarding Faith. I do hope that you will enjoy this poem, whether you are spiritual or not believing in such, IT matters little to me in that regard, I respect where folks are at. BUT this poem shouold provide an interesting read either way and no matter where one reads this from, it should be interesting. Please Enjoy.

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Life’s Walk

Holding a desire to stand by the fire,
Purified by flame such to admire.
Feeling a chill Standing in the cold air,
Yet sometimes lost without a prayer.

Who dares dream or wade in water,
Walking deep without a slaughter. 
And to feel the source of life flow past,
Or swim some time still finish last.

Would you dare run this race of life,
Knowing you will finish last with such strife.
Never resting to catch the scene,
Sometimes feeling just a little lean.

 If your ship at sea was cast adrift,
 Once catching wind sailing swift.
Feeling alone none about why not shout,
When time comes to feel the drought.

Where stands your faith in life’s walk?
Or stands your care for others on the clock?
Now take a step, feel the beat, feel the soil,
Life is yours choice stands between, don’t spoil. 

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for reading this far into this post. I know such poems are not the most popular posts to read, But reading them in a way that could fit your stance in life could be a benefit. I hope that this poem is one such writing that one will find interesting regardless of faith or belief.

If you or anyone wishes to post a comment I welcome with an open heart, but as I always ask I request that you are as polite as possible. This is to avoid any insult one may find in such posts and also to provide as positive a page as possible.

On occasions I post and publish posts which includes mistakes or typos that have escaped my editing. Any mistakes and typos will be corrected and updated as soon as they are discovered, I ask for forgiveness for any mistakes that you may find. I assure all, the moment I discover any they will be corrected and updated.

IN finishing, Please stay safe and well, When possible show a little loving care to one in our society that maybe in need of some loving care at this time.

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13 thoughts on “Life’s Walk

  1. Pat, what a deep and inspiring poem. I love this question you posed – “Where stands your faith in life’s walk?” All of us have to examine this point at some time in our life. Your words are something to reflect on more often than not. Thanks so much for sharing. 🥰🙏🏼😊

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  2. 💜 Take YOUR!!! Time EveryOne; because “Time is on YOUR!!! Side” ~ Coldplay and YOU!!! Have “ALL The Time In The World” ~ Louis Armstrong EveryBody


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