Sides Differ

In continuing on my treck of working on sonnets I set to compose a sonnet that seeks to point the obvious bias and press, when it comes to Political sides, especially in the western world of politics. Also within a world that is all but plastered with Left wing political ideals. there is a tendency that seeks to drown out any who speak from a right wing view or any view that is not left wing.

Even when it comes to speaking of right wing supporters they drown out views of the left wing. Almost like a forcing of views to support one side or the other. In the end the real losers are the people who always end up suffering at the hands of those caught up in a battle of sides. Those who are poor or needs are suffering, when political idealists will cry wolf and still many suffer regardles who wins support.

This is where todays poem seeks to address, NOT to point one direction or the other, But to strive to point out how biased peoples views can be and yet disregard those whom they should be helping. This poem is not set on a certain political opinion or side. BUT to show where mankind could be going wrong. We forget those we should be helping while striving to hold to power. yet how can it change BUT accept where we go wrong.

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Sides Differ

Beware from whence they appear comes the call,
 Battered unbowed it matters not,
Don’t get caught on the mistaken spot.
Ill-suited shall be judged yet cast to the wall.

Defend from the right thus out of sight,
At the left you stand on guard for the lies,
For which the stand not of the skies.
Where the stand believe still not the right.

Guard a side thus defend from other guides,
Might of right yet out of sight,
One’s flag is flown but it’s not white,
 Right to the left, But who guards sides?   

Keep to the left, Stay to the right, comes their cry,
He who differs need not consider to apply.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

As in all my posts, My thanks to you who have come this far in reading this post. It is my hope that my poetry can either help inspire or to set a spark that could set mankind to ponder on issues. Todays poem is no different and itseeks to address issues while I strive and indeed struggle at times to keep my political feelings and support out of these posts.

If you have a comment that you wish to make, I welcome with an open heart, but ask that any comment made is done in a polite manner. This is to avoid causing insult to those who stumble upon this page and post.

I often publish posts with typos and mistakes included, this is not on purpose BUT rest assured All Mistakes and typos are corrected and updated as soonas any are discovered.

In finishing, Please stay safe and take care… I always ask or encourage folks to try to show a little loving care to those in society who are or may be in need of a loving hand at this time.

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