Pipe Dreams Crash

In recent days I had a desire to revisit the art of creating sonnets, OR in the least improving my ability in relation to writing sonnets. There may be some who may not agree with how such sonnets are formed, BUT I move to learn as I write, thus todays poem is a Sonnet and it consists of a core topic that may cause debate in some areas.

The topic of todays poem sets how some whose dreams are judged to be outside of the normal or accepted viewpoints. In otherwords One who dreams of a life that opposes the views of a neighbour, who in return opposes it and crushes it unwilling to accept opposing views. More alike some political view points, where Opposing views are not accepted at any cost.

This is where todays poem sets to bring to the forefront and seek to set a point to consider and ponder upon. I realise that when it comes to any definition of a sonnet, todays poem will fit with 14 lines, but will vary on other areas. BUT in my view this is where art seeks to push the envelope and try to find a position. Also the rhyming pattern is different to how my previous sonnets were composed. But I know folks will understand the desire to experiment and test the ground and find where I will settle in future. Yet still I hope that you enjoy todays poem.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

Pipe Dreams Crash

Status defined as pipe dreams became clear,
But for critics who deny existence beyond,
Awaken from dreams that clear your pond.
Who dares or cares to wipe a tear.

Dreams versus schemes more limited to age,
Influenced by beasts pushing past the spire,
Drowning soon in seas that cannot hire,
Blame game begins thus results set the stage.

Clear many mangled wreckages of dreams,
Soon set, yet judged unfit again to expire,
Outcast beyond the walls defendant of the fire,
No need still no room for other teams.

Standing still in glass houses casting stones,
Set judgment who steps outside their zones.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022 

Thank you for reading this post and my gratitude for reaching this far into this post. My desire to improve areas of my writing comes through at points such as todays poem. My writings also seek to set seeds of thought that should in their own right set a table for discussion and or points where we as people could make a change within our lifes that should aid our walks in a society.

If you or anyone who wishes to post a comment I will welcome witha n open heart, only with the one request that all comments are made in a polite manner, this is to avoid any insult some may have with such comments.

In publication of this post I often post with mistakes or typos still visable. Rest assured that I correct and update such mistakes and typos as soon as they are discovered.

In finishing, Please take care, stay safe and where possible show a little loving care to those who are in need of loving care at this time.

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    1. Hi Aana.. In short am I running an NGO? Sorry BUT NO! I have absolutely nothing to with with any organisation or group.. I am merely a poet trying to make a living and survive in a world I care about.


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