The Lost World of Imagination

As the title states and thus gives away clearly, todays poem is set to imagination. A round about as it were to encourage a visit to imagination where our thoughts etc can flow free from within this almost lost world.

Too often today it appears from this side that imagination appears to be something that is dying and in a manner of speaking either on life support or the route to the lost world of imagination has become lost to so many in this world. This is where much that weights us down becomes lighter but for a time.. How long has it been since you wrote, painted etc from within this mysterious world?

I have discovered here that whentopics or inspiration in shich to write on suddenly becomes replaced for a time with a little imagination. And for todays poem, A little visit to the lost world of Imagination. Having always been one for imagination and at times getting lost there, it helps in many ways, especially when it comes to writing. I cannot believe that I am the only one to use this great place in which to find something to write on.. Please enjoy..

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The Lost World of Imagination

Measured steps dictated by time,
Restricted as outside forces climb,
And swamp thus needed to complete
Yet not enough left to take a seat.

Restraints limited all set aside,
To finish then set a day and hide.
From this world that swallowed joy,
At the brink one mind seemed to destroy.

Feeling flustered grasping moments,
Of respite, peace and such components,
To climb beyond hills that impeded,
Such thoughts I often felt needed.

Release button unavailable within,
Pushing through floods soon to begin.
Moments beyond reality put to pen,
Imagination scarce so it appears again.

Release the child within find freedom,
Imagination wild within, feed him,
Lose time within a world to stroll,
The world of imagination is the goal.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Lost World of Imagination

  1. Imagination is the key to happiness—I’m sure of it! Such a lovely poem, particularly loved the line “Release the child within find freedom”. It’s so important to connect with our inner child and let them play.

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