Summer Rains

Over the past couple of days we have experienced rains that some wished would not make an appearance at this point. But standing aside at a quiet lonely spot listening to the sounds that ring, brought me to a little poem that almost composed itself in a strange way. Sitting here at my desk I imagined this experience and found myself composing this little poem below.

Thus taking a little step from the usual style I have been writing in to create this in a sonnet form. It may not be as enjoyable to some, but picturing the sights and sounds all but transport us to a peaceful place that thus has our minds in a peaceful place also (Or at the very least it has for me).

I hope that folks will enjoy this little creation and maybe some will pause for a moment and hear the music that sounds in the natural things in life about us.

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Summer Rains

Standing still on a hill top,
Watching the water drop,
Over a rocky crevice flowing,
Down to join channels now going.

With little shelter from the rain,
As the sounds carry without strain.
No sounds grow louder like a tune,
Composed by nature alone in June.

Focused on the drops that splatter,
On the trees and umbrella and scatter.
An unknown music began to form,
Thus yet unlike the winters storm.

Beauty sounds for all in natures grounds,
Peace discovered within such little sounds.

Β© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time to read this little post. I hope that you have found a little gem or two to take away for thought.

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