Break the Silence

I sit here as the time crept well past midnight and another poetic creation failed to pass my mark, that would eventually see this post find its way to being published. I have gone throuogh a couple of creations that i did not like for one reason or another. Until I find myself at the doorstep of this creation that you will find below.

So often I find myself going through the motions of writing a poem and then , decide that it does not fit for me to continue, thus I begin again. Such was the route that I have gone today. In recent posts I found myself creating a poem that I enjoyed creating. But then discover that others may not have enjoyed as much as I have. BUT this is the joy in writing poetry, what you may not like very much becomes a gem for others to chew upon.

I do hope that this one finds such a joy in the eyes of some readers as they go through this post. As I rush through this post to meet my own deadline of self imposed restrictions I hope it finds a home that fills some with enjoyment.

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Break the Silence

Break the silence roll the stone,
Discover what others have known.
Levitate beyond the unseen while keen,
To see what the heart yet feels green.

Wander to where Love abides,
Where no one takes different sides.
Judge not what you cannot find,
Always well worth any grind.

Step from behind your fence,
Find the penny that finally makes sense.
Catch the rally that guides on your way,
Forever hence make your day.

Come join the queue that leads,
On your your lonely way through weeds.
Feed the sparrow as it seeks to prevail,
Survive to thrive within your scale.

Walk the empty road that leads home,
Until the sound of silence shatters the dome.
That enclosed restricting vices by your side,
Free the fledgling spirit that remained to hide.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022


Thank you for taking time to read this post. As always I hope that it was an enjoyment to read. I welcome any input and any comments that folks may feel needs to be said. But I ask as always that folks do so i a polite manner. As words so often offend especially when different cultures combine.

Until next time, Please take care, stay safe and try to look out for those in need of a little loving care at this time. I usually place this here because so many dneed a little loving touch, or guesture that will brighten their day.

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15 thoughts on “Break the Silence

  1. Ah, the plight of every creative person. Whether it is writing, clicking the shutter of a camera, or picking up a paint brush. Artists put so much time and heart into their work but those positive responses are not always there. The most important thing is whether you are happy with the result.

    Well done! 😊👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I write poetry at times that are not as well likes by folks. But I believe that IF you enjoy writing poetry and a poem that you feel may not be as well liked, It is more important that you enjoy writing it and if folks like it it is a bonus..BUT I believe that people will like it..


  2. What a wonderful poem, Pat! Loved the profound message behind the words and the way the words hopped, skipped and glided while I recited it. Clearly one of your best!

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