On the Edge of the Moon

Sitting in my office this evening, gazing out a window watching passers by rush through what remained of their day. I set to challenge myself to compose a poem that would entertain (or seek to entertain) and yet take the reader on a journey through a mind set free to go where it seeks to go as it were.

I do hope that folks understand the task I set out, to further understand where this poem sprung out from or appeared from amongst the webs of words that filtered through my mind. using a child like mindset I composed a poem that sprung up from that which came forward.

I know that some may enjoy this piece, as it has been entertaining for me to compose and edit , all of which was done within a short space of time. The single flaw of mine in writing that I will admit to is myneed to rush through somethings when I feel a need to refill with coffee. That being said I do have many flaws, but rushing has found me with some msitakes that I notice way beyond the time of composing.

Photo by Fatih Turan on Pexels.com

On the Edge of the Moon

Sitting silent in the summer sun,
As the warmth all but welcomed one.
A little breeze flirted to accompany,
Dreams of what could be outside destiny.

My mind wandered to loneliness,
Adventures solo without witness,
Of a once empty heart set apart,
Predefined to find the start.

Follow my mind as it wandered,
Through infinity as it again squandered,
 Itself as I set to step at noon,
Again I danced on the edge of the moon.

To accompany fantasy roll on by,
Where no one remained to decry.
Build barriers for a rebels cause,
Waiting in vain for time to pause.

Sitting on the edge of the moon,
Frying fish we caught in June.
The mind that wanders, set free,
Remains solid clear of debris.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this post. I do hope that it has proven to be an entertaining visit. As always I welcome any comments that folks wish to make. However it is not a MUT DO requirement. BUT I welcome comments as they are inspiring and encouraging in my journey in poetry writing. I always ask that folks be polite in comments to avoid any insult that folks make find when visiting the page.

I will be interested on how folks enjoyed or NOT todays poem. I will be curious what folks felt about this poem. Giving myself a challenge in composing a poem has become entertaining itself and enteresting to see how things resulted in.

Until next time please stay safe and try to show a little loving care to someone who maybe in need of it at this time.

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3 thoughts on “On the Edge of the Moon

  1. “The mind that wanders, set free,
    Remains solid clear of debris.” Absolutely loved the closing lines, Pat! Loved the title as well. It’s quite captivating.


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