Who Wait’s?

There are days that I compose a poem and eventually ask of myself, “What was I writing about?” . There are days that I write and walk away, yet eventually forget what I was writing about. Such poetry become an example of creative writing that went almost on its own way.

Today’s poem is one such writing. It is a poem that I would at times term as entertainment. At least it becomes entertainment for me as I strive to figure what I was writing about, Before ending up letting the poem become that which it has ended up as.

I trust that it will find entertainment or for some a little more and become a lesson of sorts. So often as we walk along in life it becomes a lesson and on occasions a lesson becomes a taste in life. I hope that such a poem as this one, finds a home or a form of entertainment for some who visit here.

Photo by Mariana Montrazi on Pexels.com

Who Waits

When the senses seek to overload,
And further strive to break the code.
The outcast rebuilds their dreams,
Alone they labour to breach the schemes.

Break the painless barrier, overcome.
Marching to the beat of a battered drum.
Sign with the signature of your deeds,
Sowing fields that withstand the weeds.

The piper plays his one hit wonder,
To entertain whilst some carry under.
Ever more deaf to the tune that rings,
Beyond the shadows of man and kings.

Who yet waits to sing your praise?
Who lights your deeds all your days?
Yet stand and wait for all to see complete,
Self seeking praise that stay on repeat.

They wait in silence deeds unsung,
Remain unseen, no earthly tongue,
Will sing or king will yet praise.
Silence remain an unused key to amaze.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022


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