Food for Thought.

A topic that I have in mind should first be covered with the foloowing statement!

The Following Topic and post is NOT of or including any ongoing situation in this world. It does not include any scenario or the current virus issues that affect this world.. BUT it does and SHOULD be taken as a means to think, consider and Discuss HOW People can be affected by being confined and how it may affect the mindset or abilities etc of anyone. It should cause people to actually ask How would they survive? Would you or I come out in the end unaffected?

I belive that people are affected in many way by a wide variety of methods that control how those people survive in life. Thus my topic below. Please take into account that this is purely for thought and discussion.

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Imagine a world where the population were imprisoned to their homes for 23 hours per day,. With the remaining hour could be used for purchase and supplying of goods to survive, along with outdoor exercise. Now expand that said situation to include extra rules and regulations, such as facial and visible emotions banned from public view. i.e. Population are banned from displaying any emotion to anyone outdoor to any other being. Thus to ensure this is carried out masks are to be worn on all situations out of doors.

How would that type of scenario effect any population? How would it change the way people acted and reacted to others, IF this was the way thyey were subject to for a prolonged period of time?

I would imagine a very large number of that population would have their Personalities etc. Changed. But one would have to ask, Is it possible to change or adjust a persons mindset, personality or any other abilities for good? OR would it effect a person in any way? Finally Would you be able to survive that kind of scenario for a prolonged time and come out in the end unaffected?

That is my thought! How would such restrictions in life affect you? Would you come out the same? Please consider this outside of the current situations in this life we live.

Until next time Please stay safe.

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  1. Wow, you really have an active imagination and you do bring up an important point as well. This is really an interesting scenario for food for thought. It got me thinking. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Thank you. Yes my imagination can become very active, especially whenit comes to writing and setting a point I often wish to make. It also helps a lot in my poetry work. If this has even one thinking then it has woerked in getting my point out regardless of what side people may feel they are on.

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  2. Such restrictions, over a long period of time, would indeed have a negative effect on me. I am prone to depression anyway, so such a requirement of isolation would certainly exacerbate the issue.

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  3. interesting — add fear on top of that…

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