Silent Isolation

When writing this evening using the topic of being isolated from the one you most desire to be with, and the over riding desire to once more be reunited with that one you desire to be with. It can be seen as a pretty straight forward poem in a manner of viewing at it.

But what if that poem then had a double edge to that sword that is in this piece of writing? As a christian believer, I have not looked to force my faith out onto someone else NOR onto my writings. BUT in its place I hope that such writings show the light of faith as I write on a variety of topics.

Now this next part may alienate many, but please try to understand if you will in a hope that it aids to show what this poem is about. What if in one area or one side of the coin, we have that desire to be in the presence of your love interest. To walk in their favour again as is the desire. BUT on the other side of this coin that is the poem, What if it is a desire to be seen to be in God’s favour and to walk in the light of Gods favour and thus escape the darkness of isolation from Him.

Now that I have pretty much scared many off with this poem, please enjoy this poem and regardless of how you view it, I hope that it rests in a good light of viewing.

Above photo taken from Lizzies Life Blog (my daughter)

Silent Isolation

You smile, a reason for the stars to shine,
With kisses like sweet wine helps me feel fine.
Rising at dawn hoping the day starts bright,
For your radiance lights my lonely night.

With eyes that sparkle like the brightest star,
That guide many through darkest nights by far.
Who would deny the beauty you bring forth,
Helps warm the cold winds that blow from the north.

Dark were the night skies before you appeared,
My days were as night holding all I feared.
When I am absent all caves in about,
Stumbling around lost waiting to call out.

Walking deep in the land of strangers here,
Alone and waiting for reprieve to steer.
Where my heart is willing all else follows,
Drowning here without guide me to shallows.

One day as all aligns and you will call,
I shall try and run yet scale this cell wall.
Again to walk with you no need to grieve,
Until you call, I walk alone, believe.

©  Pat Fitzgerald  2023 

Thank you for visiting this page and yet spending time reading this post. I am thankful that so many enjoy, read and comment on my poetry. Which for me is a journey that for the past few years have become, one that I have enjoyed sharing with the world. Therefore thank you for joining me on this little journey.


On occasions Mistakes and typos make their way onto the finished and published post. This has never been on purpose but at times they miss my eye when editing posts. BUT rest assured I correct and update the posts the moment I discover any such mistakes. Yet some do take a little longer than other because I have or may not find them. Thank you for understanding this.


I welcome comments that folks decide to post. BUT I always ask that comments are in a Polite manner.

However I do misspell and will correct. IF YOU WISH TO POINT OUT MISTAKES, Please take into consideration that If I make mistakes they are not on purpose. Thank You for understanding any mistakes.

In finishing please stay safe and take care, also when possible show a little loving care to those about you in society who may be in need of such loving care. A little positive output in life is a great start for folks in a world hit with rushing about in their own world.

Until Next Time, Cheers.

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