Forgotten Sights

In the late hours of last night I completed the poem I am sharing with everyone today. I had put if off until today to share it because I wanted to give time needed to Both explain a couple of details and expand where I can on those issues.

As those who have read previous poems of mine, I am a country boy at heart and love spending time where possible in areas well away from city life etc. In todays poem I mention a couple of places, that I need to explain a little on.

The first one is found in the second stanza “Looking at The Old head embrace the waves”. The Old Head is in fact “The Old Head of Kinsale”, sadly to so many of us, much of the Old Head is a Golf Course, Therefore the only views one would have of it is either from boat on the seas or from the cliffsides outside of the Golf Course. BUT more can be found on The Old Head by following the link. (As per usual I have added information from Wikipedia.)

The old head is a spot I visit often and a place where one can sit (when weather favours) and gather thoughts. A couple of klm away is a beach that one could visit and enjoy this area. Thus the area is one of interest in that 2nd stanza.

The second place of interest are The Lakes Of Killarney, and Muckross House whose grounds cover a part of Muckross lake and The national park that covers this area. Torc Falls is an area I go towards in this region to go to a height that gives a stunning view of the lakes and why It’s poetic views inspire. One can read more when following the link to The Lakes Of Killarney. or the Little that is on Muckross House.

For me all become one single walk that takes in a number of klm’s of stunning views. But a short hike up a little piece of Torc Mountain will provide views that will inspire. There are other areas that I have kept from this poem that I will definately return to at another point.

BUT I hope the little information provided here will explain along with a couple of photos will help to provide a background for this poem.

Having said that Please Enjoy.

By viewing the photgraphs above one can grasp the beauty that I speak of and try to cover in todays poem. For more Photographs on Lakes of Killarney etc can be found in Lizzies Life Blog, Thanks to my daughter for use of her blog to strive to explain a little on this.

Forgotten Sights

Longing for isolation, peace of mind,
  To enjoy sights nature can provide blind.
Washing city life from my being yet keen,
Time clear of King or Queen forever clean.

To sit on cliff top watching waves crashing,
where sea gulls fly too and fro no trashing.
Looking at the Old Head embrace the waves,
Life saves, scenery stirs, a heart behaves.

Yet walk beside the lakes where hills surround,
As tourists gather and fill their cup bound.
Free the shackles and loose the bonds that last,
Enjoy the sights soon, yet they may fade fast.

Like breezy stings city brings captive kind,
Beneath lights that glow on streets paved and lined.
Token gestures scattered about my cry,
Mild mannered hearts agree step beyond, try.

Such sights captivate eager eyes who spy,
Where forefathers gathered in kind apply.
Step aside to find the clock that will sound,
Here today tomorrow may thus confound.

  ©  Pat Fitzgerald 2023                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Thank you for reading this far into my post, I am always thankful for all who enjoy,read and comment on my poetry. Poetry for me is a journey that for the past few years have become one that I have enjoyed sharing with the world. That instead of what was always the case of composing and hiding or deleting my work. Therefore thank you for joining me on this little journey.

On occasions Mistakes and typos make their way onto the finished and published post. This has never been on purpose but at times they miss my eye when editing posts. BUT rest assured I correct and update the posts the moment I discover any such mistakes. Yet some do take a little longer than other because I have or may not find them. Thank you for understanding this.

I welcome comments that folks decide to post. BUT I ask that ALL comments are in a Polite manner. Otherwise, comments that are not seen as polite WILL be removed. I am a firm believer that a comment made in a polite manner goes much further and has better effect than one made in less than Polite manner. Also I ask that you try to understand as english is used in very many countries, How it is spoken differs as much when IT is written. Thus when I write, I do so in respect to how I speak here in Ireland and how I spell words, Often however I do misspell and will correct. IF YOU WISH TO POINT OUT MISTAKES, Please take into consideration that If I take offence to how someone comments on such mistakes, My reponse will be equal as to my nature may allow in any reply. Thank You for understanding any mistakes, IF you do not care for it, Well what can I say? But will let is unsaid or unwritten at this point.

In finishing please stay safe and take care, also when possible show a little loving care to those about you in society who may be in need of such loving care. A little positive output in life is a great start for folks in a world hit with rushing about in their own world.

Until next time Sláinte (Cheers / good health)

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