Todays poem has taken a little longer than intended due to weather aided techncal issues, but we yet battle through such issues and continue. Todays poem follows along the same line as the previous poem, which was itself about my home town and the place closest to my heart.

But this oneis also an honour to write about, that of this great island that is my Country. Usually known by some as the Emerald Isle, I found the term Emerald curious enough to write on and considering why Emerald? The answer is simple.. There is so much Green!!! Darn, The rain helps, but when one takes in the geographical location and thus being an island after all, we are set for rain in more parts of the year than one would care for.

Therefore being one who does not mind a little rain and find beauty in all seasons, it is an honour to let this following poem as a statement of love for my nation and for where I live. I may not like our leaders very much (in fact NOT a whole lot) BUT being Irish is an honour for me and being proud of those who walked this land before me and those who gave their lives for what we got today. I let only a few words that make up this poem, Emerald.

Please Enjoy!

The stream that becomes a River

The stream in the above Photo is close to a point that becomes a river,The River Lee that flows through Cork City. Such a beautiful beginning into what is modern city full of what I like least.


Where the waves come kiss the shore ne’er be no more,
There I will wander still like days of yore.
Yet to stroll quietly captured by your peace,
Embracing a beauty that will not cease.

One sun filled day I will walk valleys and hills,
Where clouds envelope mountains gives thrills,
No spills along routes safety first curing thirst,
Reaching the vantage point catching views first.

Far beyond blinding city lights delight,
Beauty resides in each crevice alright.
No airtight bubbles hide away some say,
Beneath sun drenched skies enchanted spray.

 Clear of pollutant traffic lanes come see!
With glee some will e’er agree beauty free.
Emerald one lone colour set aside,
Tied to the rocks, anchored here I abide.

Set sail from fields of iced dreams and avail,
Of sights that yet shall fill hearts to scale.
Ride through storm filled seas to where none displease,
For Emerald love is sill a breeze.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2023

Thank you for reading this far into this post, It is an honour for me to write such little pieces of poetry and yet having so many read through such pieces. I do hope that you find a piece of encouragement within these lines. If it be the love you have for your own nation or where you abide. It will be an honour for me to read such pieces in return. We as poets should be a beacon at times and yet on occasions shine a spotlight on lands where we reside or love.

On occasions Mistakes or typos make their way into published posts. Which is beyond any cause etc, BUT rest assured I correct and update any mistakes and typos to correct such mistakes. Thank you for your understanding.

If you or anyone wishes to comment , I welcome with an open heart such comments, BUT ask that folks are polite in comments. This is to provide as positive as page as possible also to avoid any insult one may find.

In finishing Please take care and stay safe, also try to show a little loving care to those in society that may be in need of such loving care.

Until next time Cheers.

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4 thoughts on “Emerald

  1. 💚 Great Poem SupaSoulBro; just a little disappointed that the leprechauns were not mentioned, the leprechauns are coming after you and not for your gold


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah Leprehauns!!! Well I could use the excuse that I would be banned from refering to them due to some unknown law protecting them or anyother excuse worthy of such creative thinking. But I guess they very much reside with Santa etc.. 😉


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