Season’s Dance

Over the past couple of days while going through topics etc for todays poem, I began to consider how the beginning of each season to my mind resembled a dance of seasons. We as people change even mindsets to move along with the seasons and what life has running for us. We as people are mere parts of a set for seasons dance as it were.

I compare season’s to relationships, for exapmle spring time sees the onset of fresh and new life, like Love, new found love in its first shoots of love begining to grow. Whilst in winter weopften see or compare such a season to the last gasps of a love that grows cold.

Thus comparing each aspect of love, it’s relationships and the seasons that dance as it were about us. This is where today’spoem comes into being. Todays poem strives to capture both the dance of seasons and also touching on lovers and a relationship like the season that changes. I hope that todays poem does capture this for you as you read. Please enjoy this journey through this little sonnet.

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Season’s Dance

Capturing seasons change causes,
A reaction and desires to write,
Of Lovers embracing or the plight,
Faced as loves flame flickers or pauses.

A parting glance as lovers part,
The first rain drops fall disguising,
Tears as a silent regret rising,
That penetrates the lovers heart.

Come one come all to the seasons dance,
Autumn in its colour display seen.
Winter’s white cloak embracing sheen,
Until Spring’s regrowth glance.

Summer’s warmth breaks cold hearts,
Lovers greet united heart of two parts.

©   Pat Fitzgerald 2022

I do hope that this sonnet has had the effect I hope it should or at least you found that which I hoped would arise from within this sonnet. I also hope that you enjoyed this little piece of writing. If you or anyone wishes to comment, I welcome with an open heart, BUT I ask that as always all comments are as polite as possible. This is an effort to keep this page as positive an environment as possible and also a hope to avoid causing any insult a visitor may find within this page.

On occasions as I publish posts, I post including some mistakes or typos, This is not on purpose. BUT rest assured, all mistakes and typos are corrected and posts updated as soon as such mistakes and typos are found. Please forgive such over shights, I strive to have things as smooth as possible. Yet mistakes do take place and escape my eye at times.

Before finishing, please stay safe, take care and show a little loving care to those who may be in need of loving care at this time.

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