Written in the Stars

Thursday April 28th 2022 is Poetry Day Ireland, and the Theme is Written in the Stars. I have never been one for following days set out for certain events or arts etc. But this year I decided on the last moment to pen a poem on that theme, which is the title of todays poem.

My opinions on such thoughts as Written i the Stars differ from anmy thought that this poem may show. But as an exercise I penned this poem to cross boundaries beyond my own belief, faith etc. Basically an exercise to push myself beyond boundaries I set for myself.

I hope that folks enjoy this poem and in the very least find something to take from it. I consider myself a work in progress when it comes to writing poetry, even after all these years of doing so. Thus todays poem should be here to view below.

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

Written in the Stars

Though we hear it said o’er years,
Yet some have since shed tears,
To hear, It’s written in the stars.
We searched and visited many bars.

For your love that burns bright,
Perfectly sequenced fitted right.
Through time it’s written in the stars,
Embroidered in the hearts o’er scars.

Desires standing free a test of time,
Unfettered loves embrace begin the climb.
Because it’s written stake the claim,
Dare to declare it free from shame.

Standing by the roadside begin the day,
Uncertain what this walk will spray.
Believe it’s true meant for you, achieve,
Take the deed it’s there for you to weave.

Seize the day make the play,
The path woven breach or stray.
Believe the word heard on crossbars,
Because they say It’s written in the stars.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I hope that you have found something that in the least will be a little entertaining or that you have found a little somethiin to take away with you from here. As always if you have a comment that you wish to make, I welcome as always. But I ask that you post any comment polietly. Not for my own beliefs etc, BUT to avoid any insulkt that others passing by may find within innocent words left here.

Folks may find on occasions typos or mistakes that WILL be corrected an updated as soon as I discover any. I ask for forgiveness for any mistakes in my typing and I assure you mistakes will be corrected and updated the moment I discover any.

Until next time, Please take care, stay safe and Where possible Please show a little loving care for someone who may be in need of such at this time. I believe it is our responsible as people to look out for and show a little loving compassion to those about us.

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