In Sheep’s Clothing

There are times when I as a writer struggle to place in verse the words that could bring such thoughts into life . This very post contains one such Poem. A collection of Words, Lines etc all that come together to try to bring such to life.

In other words this month that has just ppassed has always been one which mycreativity takes a vacation and often there is a struggle to get creative juices flowing again. Thus the poem you find below. One which many may find confusing or fitting whatever term one wishes to place it. I would say that it is by far way below my preferred standard. I do hope that you still enjoy this post.

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In Sheep's Clothing

Beware the march of The wolves,
Tending to the cares for themselves.
Playing a tune that the piper played,
Scattered sheep no longer afraid.

Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing,
Seeking to devour those straying.
Who can spy when the wolf is near?
Who can say who does not yet hear?

Many march and cry for freedoms call,
Falling beyond the rail that guide us all.
The wolf within the flock seeks to divide
Awaiting the fall of those beyond the side.

The pipers tune for all sweet and true
Carries you on to the morning dew.
Masses flock and follow the sweet air,
The wolf watches without a loving care.

Walk the streets not lined with gold,
Where many wander feeling the cold.
Free the burden the wolf will claim,
Death can only be their only aim.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2021

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I hope that it did provide you with something to ponder on. If you have a comment that you wish to make, as usual I welcome any and all. My only request is to be nice in your comments. Until next time Please take care and look out for those in need of a little loving care.

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  1. I do hope that people forgive me BUT I removed ALL coments relating to one issue .. IT is NOT because of the issue in question BUT It wanders into areas that this blog was not intended for. BUT NO ONE should be abused in any way and I will Never condone such acts..

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