200 + Followers & Thoughts

Thank you to everyone for following this little Blog. We have passed 200 followers. I NEVER expected to reach even close to this number in followers, therefore my heartfelt thank you to all who followed..

Glengarriff Forest Park

I began to write poetry in my early 20’s which feels like a life time ago. Prior to that I never considered even reading a poem , not to mention writing some.

Thus my early poetry is devoid of style of any form of what folks would consider a norm in ppoetry writing etc. I began writing poetry as a means to get through a bad experience with depression and my battle at that time with alcohol did not help very much. Having left school before completing any of the major state exams, I had little or no idea on poetry.

I have a very rebellious nature and decided to ignore any of the usual forms or styles in poetry. Therefore when the opportunity arose for me to complete my education as an adult, I took it with all the eagerness that I could. I completed my education with a B.A. in enlish literature. BUT for myself and my own satisfaction I had to experiment in styles and find as it were a style that I feel at home with.

This brings me to the style of which I have printed here on blog, I began with sonnets tried to feel comfortable in this style. This also brings me to where my writing style will move to next. I always aimed to learn as I write, which is why I ask at times for honest opinions.

I spent the past few days considering my next move and feel that sonnets need to be placed aside for now. I believe that it is good to learn as we walk this road of life. Thus again the change in style from here on.

In finishing I have to thank everyone again for helping me reach and going beyond 200 followers. Thank You and until next time Please stay safe.


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12 thoughts on “200 + Followers & Thoughts

  1. 🎈🎈Hello Pat, Can you be my friend? I read your this post and I think I should invite you to be my friend.
    I cannot donate you because I have nothing to pay. Well, I can support you on your blog and provide you valuable feedback on your posts.

    Congratulations for 200 followers friend. May your dreams come true.πŸ’πŸ’πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ«

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