Thank You

Hi, I wanted to drop a fast message of Thank You to all.. This Blog has reached 110 Followers which is so far beyond anything I ever expected.

I am still learning my way through the Blogging scene. When I started this such a long time ago I had no real idea setup. But with family encouragement on my poetry etc I decided to publish such poetry here. Also the little Photography I do has been a learning route for me. BUT I have to thank all who fololowed as that in itself has been an encouragement to me and I intend to learn more on blogging and improve the content of what I write.

again Thank you 110 Followers may not seem much to some folks, BUT a whole lot who may share a coffee break reading my thoughts and writings etc…

Thank you to all.. Until next time stay safe.

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  1. Congratulations on the new milestone! Here’s to many more thousands to come. Keep writing!


  2. Congratulations 💐💐💐

    And here’s to many more to come🙂💕💕

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