To Kiss a Rose

In the warm summer sunshine, I spied a stranger pass me by. This brought a poem to mind that was since composed. That stranger possessed such beauty that even I could at the very least silently admire. But this reaction in such days as these, can be dangerous and still risk bringing fort a little … Continue reading To Kiss a Rose

Passing Vision

I am still on course to compose another poem or as some would consider a poetic attempt. Yet still it is a poem created 110% from an active and creative mindset. None of this is from experience but imagination itself. This poem takes into account how one vision of beauty haunts the eyes of one … Continue reading Passing Vision

Again another visit: The Old Head

In the past couple of days I had an opportunity to visit one of my favorited places, where I could sit and ponder, while gazing out at the ocean. That is The Old Head of Kinsale in county Cork Ireland. This place has always been one of my favored places in which to sit and … Continue reading Again another visit: The Old Head