My Old Man

For a number of weeks I have been playing with the idea of writing a tribute poem . Of at least it is a tribute of sorts to Fathers in General, especially my father who in his elder years never ceases to amaze me. In order to make this work I tried to fit the … Continue reading My Old Man


There are times that I find inspiration for poetry in a Single Word or Phrase that finds me piecing a poem that fits the stream of thought. Such is the case with todays poem, I found myself caught up in the Title word for todays poem that found me writing on a couplke of issues … Continue reading Shipwrecked


There are times when many who struggle through the path of Mental health issues, find themselves listening to their own negative thoughts that batter the doors of their confidence. In otherw ords there comes a time when people listen to their inner being question the deeds of your own being. This is the basis of … Continue reading Voices

In Silence

I have considered for some time how to begin or even set a poem and topic regarding what could be struggles with being deaf or Hearing Impaired. In this fast paced modern world of economic rule, Those with loss of hearing and impairment struggle. Even those with other disabilities struggle to walk this society with … Continue reading In Silence

Life’s Own Waltz

Over time I have spent many hours contemplating how generations have appeared to change the road that hero's laid with the price they paid. Regardless of where one is from, we all have figures that we see as hero's, those who laid a path that formed a nation, or forge the buds of a nation … Continue reading Life’s Own Waltz

Time’s Lifting Shroud

With the onset of winter that is closing in on our days, It has brought to mind some threads of past events that posed as it were for a few moments in order to set to writings. At least such wasmy thought when I set about writing todays poem. Past events, past paths in life … Continue reading Time’s Lifting Shroud

Define Yourself

I hope that this post finds you well. I am posting todays poem with no explaination nor reasoning. BUT I only ask that any comments are polite and keeping in minnd that people of various cultures visit and read these posts, therefore words can so often become an insult without thought. Photo by Erik Mclean … Continue reading Define Yourself

The Veil

When I write passages explaining what my poetry contains and is an attempt to get the reader to try see that within my poetry. Also it was an attempt to relieve the reader of striving to find out what the poem is actually about. On this occasion just as the last time, I am changing … Continue reading The Veil


There comes a time when my writings will not carry explainations, nor any clues as to what it all means. There comes a time when the reader mustfind a meaning for themselves. Much like other poetry when readers find a variety of meaning, depending on which strikes close to home for the reader in question. … Continue reading Conditioned

In Sheep’s Clothing

There are times when I as a writer struggle to place in verse the words that could bring such thoughts into life . This very post contains one such Poem. A collection of Words, Lines etc all that come together to try to bring such to life. In other words this month that has just … Continue reading In Sheep’s Clothing