Loves Chaos

This afternoon I sat here with my heart set on composing a poem that is centered around the Title that you have seen at the start of this post, “Loves Chaos”. But truth be told There was more chaos in kind when striving to compose this poem than what resulted and is within the poem itself.

This is a kind of poetic writing that I find myself struggling in at this point. Thus I compose and complete the poem and await the verdict if any that arises from the readers of this post. Even through my fast and often wreckless typing and the misspellings that I correct as I move along, I find that I completed something that as of yet I am unsure if I even like what I composed. BUT I think it may grow on me as I reread the poem and post a umber of times.

I am not a poet that cares very much for reading my own poems, there is something about my Irish country man accent and my own pride that dislikies my own reading of my own poetry. Thus I do so in silence. BUT Imagine if you will, I read as i did as a child, I spoke witha stammer for the first 20 years of my life until I discovered a method to disguise the stammer and years of work has perfected that. BUT strange enough silent reading I still read as if I were stammering. That is strange and completely unrelated to the poem I place below.

But have you ever encountered a love that you find that you would do pretty much everything for and yet find as if you are battling against the wind of loves encounter.This will be pretty much what one should keep in mind whilst reading this poem. Little else could explain what this poem is relating to than this. Still I shall be rereading this poem quietly to find my own verdict on this and if I actually like it. BUT still the poem is published here.

Having said that Please Enjoy.

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Loves Chaos

I trek the roads where no one goes, it shows,
Where your fire burns yet desire no one knows.
 I would walk o’er the hills seeking cheap thrills,
To find where your heart burns bright, facing chills.

The fires that keep your heart ablaze and stays,
Or strongest winds that seek to devour ways.
That kill desire in your eyes and still tries,
As weary hearted pass your way and cries.

To battle the stormy seas clear from you,
And the first rose that blooms something yet true.
Fortune awaits true in heart, soul and mind,
 Without you watching I wander e’er blind.

In awe of what you achieve inspires all,
Hear the call that sounds clear beyond the wall.
Where hate divides and love unites all hearts,
Like the fine arts where your courage play parts.

Faces that shine in the darkest known hour,
Can ne’er scale the tallest hidden stone tower.
Or yet prove their worth to rival you here,
Can you yet hear the cheer that appear near. 

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2023 

Thank you for reading this far into my post, I am always thankfull for all who enjoy,read and comment on my poetry. Poetry for me is a journey that for the past few years have become one that I have enjoyed sharing with the world. That instead of what was always the case of composing and hiding or deleting my work. Therefore thank you for joining me on this little journey.

On occasions Mistakes and typos make their way onto the finished and published post. This has never been on purpose but at times they miss my eye when editing posts. BUT rest assured I correct and update the posts the moment I discover any such mistakes. Yet some do take a little longer than other because I have or may not find them. Thank you for understanding this.

I welcome comments that folks decide to post. BUT I ask that ALL comments are in a Polite manner. Otherwise, comments that are not seen as polite WILL be removed. I am a firm believer that a comment made in a polite manner goes much further and has better effect than one made in less than Polite manner. Also I ask that you try to understand as english is used in very many countries, How it is spoken differs as much when IT is written. Thus when I write, I do so in respect to how I speak here in Ireland and how I spell words, Often however I do misspell and will correct. IF YOU WISH TO POINT OUT MISTAKES, Please take into consideration that If I take offence to how someone comments on such mistakes, My reponse will be equal as to my nature may allow in any reply. Thank You for understanding any mistakes. I do not intend to cause any insult with what I type here, But wish to highlight a few details.

In finishing please stay safe and take care, also when possible show a little loving care to those about you in society who may be in need of such loving care. A little positive output in life is a great start for folks in a world hit with rushing about in their own world.

Until next time Sláinte (Cheers / good health)

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8 thoughts on “Loves Chaos

  1. Loved the Poem!!! I have found, for me, that reading my poems outloud and slower than normal speech is helpful in gauging how I feel about my poem. You might try using a vocal recorder too. I find that helps me get a feel for how I feel about it. Also, you might find the recorder app on a smart phone as a good way to capture the start of a poem or record a few lines when you are out and about to use later. I like to write Elfchens when I’m stuck at a stoplight or on hold on the phone!

    Here’s a great explanation of them – I think you may like to give them a try. Mine is #15 I love writing in this format.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha! Can’t hurt! I like to recite my poems outloud to establish, pace, emphasis and pauses. Also, to get a general feel to see if I used the best words.

    Elfchens are fun, simple and helpful in getting past a writer’s block or as a start to a new poem. I double or triple them up for longer poems. I usually tap my fingers out for the first 3 word, again for the second 3 words and 5 times for the last 5 words to make up 11.

    Try this:

    I Dream
    __ __ __
    __ __ __ __



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